GTU, NexGen Golf Academy sign major deal

The Guyana Teacher’s Union (GTU) and Nexgen Golf Academy have entered into an agreement that would provide for the expansion of golf training and practice in Georgetown at the GTU’s Woolford Avenue location.

GTU President, Mark Lyte, has said, “As the vanguard of learning, it is our duty to explore all options that enable our teachers and students to explore new horizons and experiences. The fact that we have golf in our spirts curriculum but previously had no facility for students to learn was a major concern, and by partnering with Nexgen Golf Academy, we have effectively solved several problems at once!”
GTU General Secretary Coretta McDonald is the driving force behind the collaboration, which will see an upgrade of the entire ground. A portion of the ground will be shared by the entities for various sports and other activities, and a portion will be dedicated to golfing activities.
“I have always seen golf as an opportunity for building character: development of young minds, whilst creating a strong mental focus. The bonus is that there are international scholarship opportunities tied to golf that we as Guyanese have been missing out on, and I want that to stop,” McDonald has said.
Under supervision of the Guyana Golf Association the Academy will commence training of sports directors and PE teachers, who will then take the sport back to their local districts and, in turn, teach the theoretical aspects of the game. Students will then attend the Academy for practical training.
With over 11,000 teachers under the GTU umbrella, this partnership would allow for the rapid promotion and expansion of the sport to all regions of the country.
General Secretary Mc Donald has said, “With golf now an Olympic sport, it is our hope that we will discover raw talent that can be moulded to represent our country in the shortest time possible. GTU provides a host of services to the teachers, including ongoing training, bursaries to teachers and their families, support in various manners, and recognition of their incredible efforts to mould a nation’s young minds.
“All teachers and their families will receive special rates and consideration at the Academy as a benefit of this relationship”, she added.
“The Golf Academy will install a magnificent putting green, sand bunkers, and several short practice holes for new students and children to have their first golfing experience.
Additionally, a centre is being constructed to provide video and full swing training analysis that will be available in a few weeks for all to really be able to learn the game at the highest levels and improve the performance of current players,” said Rudy Ramalingum, Director of Nexgen Golf Academy.
Renovation of the ground, which would include elevation, drainage, fencing, security lights and cameras and landscaping, is set to be completed in a few months.
President of the Guyana Golf Association, Aleem Hussain, has said, “There will be several training camps set in place for new players and children (Pro Golfer Colin Ming is spearheading the children’s programme, having recently donated dozens of clubs to the Academy).”
The Academy provides all equipment and balls, and is an option to exercise in a manner that conforms with the COVID-19 restrictions. The cost for children is as low as $500 per hour. The guarantee is that anyone can learn to hit the ball in less than 15 minutes!
Any person interested in learning the game and participating in the children’s programme is invited to please contact the Academy on Facebook/Instagram page (nexgen golf academy), of call 645-0944, or simply stop by the facility, which is conveniently located on Woolford Avenue between Camp & Albert Streets.