Guard shot, another injured by bandits

A security guard was on Saturday shot while two others injured when armed bandits attempted to invade the

Compton Charles
Compton Charles

Berbice Educational Institute.

According to reports, the incident, which occurred around 02:00h, left Compton Charles, 65, of Wapping Lane, New Amsterdam, nursing gunshot wounds to his left arm.

The other injured persons are Neville Roberts and Geneva Crandon who were both assaulted by the gunmen.

Reports are the gunmen beat and bound Roberts and Crandon as they were trying to get to the upper flat of the building.

Charles related to this publication that he heard what appeared to be a commotion coming from the lower flat and upon investigating realised that five men were in the compound.

“I couldn’t handle five men so I go in the room and they come and push open the door because it don’t have a lock,”

According to the injured man, instructions were given by one of the gunman to shoot him and then he felt a sharp pain to his left arm.

Crandon, the injured woman, related that the men approached her and immediately started to assault her.

“I saw a man come to me and he hold me by my hair and tell me to cooperate because one done dead already, so I start to scream for Charles. Then I see another one come with a knife. The first one had a small gun. They took me downstairs and right around the school.”

Crandon said as she was being pulled by her hair to the back of the school, she started to beg for her life, disclosing to the men that her sister had recently died.

Upon hearing this, the gunmen released her and she ran to safety.

The Police was contacted, however before they arrived, the men made good their escape.

Divisional Commander Ian Amsterdam told this publication that one person has been arrested in connection with the incident.

He said the suspect is also wanted in connection with a series of robberies, which were carried out on Father’s Day at West Canje and at Angoy’s Avenue.

Saturday morning’s incident comes on the heels of an attempt on Thursday evening to break into the New Amsterdam Multilateral School. In that incident a guard carrying a cutlass was able to chase the three masked men off.

Two weeks ago, thieves broke into Tutorial Academy Secondary, which is about 600 meters from New Amsterdam Multilateral.

On that occasion, one of the three guards on duty was bound as the three intruders took away his money and cellular phone before getting into the main office of the school and ransacking it.

It is still not known whether any items were taken.

No arrest has been made with regard to those incidents.