Guinness Cage Futsal start marred by blackout, rescheduled for Tuesday

The highly anticipated opening night of the Guinness Indoor Cage Futsal tournament slated for Thursday night was postponed due to a prolonged power outage that plagued the National Gymnasium and surrounding areas.
Organisers of the tournament were forced to push back the opening night date to Tuesday, August 29.

Future Stars will be looking to cement their status as Number 1 in the Futsal scene on Saturday

The Guinness Cage Competition will see a change from the usual futsal rule where when the ball goes into touch on the sidelines a side is awarded a kick. In the Cage format, the ball is allowed to bounce off the wall and play continues.
It is the first time that the format will be played in Guyana and fans are being encouraged to come out and witness eight nights of thrilling action with bragging rights.
The teams scheduled to participate include Sparta Boss, the most successful team in the shorter format. However, the usually dominant team seems to have lost its “mojo” and will no doubt be looking to rebound after a couple of disappointing tournaments.
The Future Stars are the team to beat having recently won the Ballers in the Summer tournament on the West Coast of Demerara while their rivals for the top spot West Front Road ‘Gold is Money’ will be looking to dislodge them.
With exciting teams such as Bent Street, Sophia, Albouystown, Tucville, Tiger Bay, Linden’s Dave & Celena All Star in the mix, the tournament will no doubt be full of intense and riveting encounters.
The other dates set for the tournament are August 31st, September 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 16th.
The winning team will cart off $400,000 and the championship trophy, while the runner-up, third and fourth placed teams will receive $200,000, $100,000 and $50,000 respectively and the corresponding trophies.
The sponsors on board are Trophy Stall, YK Investments & Pawn Shop, Star Party Rentals, Faye Joseph, Claude Geddes Recreational Sports Club and John Fernandes Ltd.
On the individual side, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) will receive a gold chain from YK Investments and Pawn Shop and the respective accolade from Trophy Stall.
The fixtures for opening night on Tuesday are:
Sophia vs MBK All-Stars-19:00hrs
Broad Street vs Old School Ballers-19:15hrs
Tucville vs Showstoppers-19:30hrs
Dave and Celina vs Pike Street Sophia-19:45hrs
Tiger Bay vs Silver Bullets-20:00hrs
West Back Road vs Albouystown-B-20:15hrs
Leopold Street vs Plaisance-20:30hrs
North Ruimveldt vs Melanie-20:45hrs
Bent Street vs Hustlers-21:00hrs
North East La Penitence vs Mocha-21:15hrs
Champion Boys vs Channel-9 Warriors-21:30hrs
Albouystown-A vs Alexander Village-21:45hrs
Gold is Money vs Campbellville-22:00hrs
Future Stars vs Agricola Gas Team-22:15hrs
Back Circle vs New Market Street-22:30hrs
Sparta vs Vryheid’s Lust-22:45hrs