Gunmen beat, rob overseas-based Guyanese

An overseas-based Guyanese, Kumar Nandan, 46, was on Saturday morning bound, robbed and beaten by

The home of overseas-based Guyanese Kumar Nandan who was robbed by armed bandits
The home of overseas-based Guyanese Kumar Nandan who was robbed by armed bandits

gunmen at his Number 63 Village, Corentyne home in broad daylight.
Nandan told Guyana Times that at 11:00h, he had just exited the washroom area of his house when he was confronted by the two men, one of whom was armed with a gun.
Nandan, who returned to Guyana one week ago, explained that he had been in the process of fixing his car and had decided to visit the washroom minutes before he was confronted by the men who demanded money and jewellery.
“So I walked and went into the house – who closes their door at 11 o’clock in the day? And as I came out, there were these two fellows; one had a long gun… I told them that I don’t have money. Then I asked them if they ever see me with gold. Then the tall one tell the short one to tie me up. They still asking for the money and I told them that all I have was G$10,000 and showed them where it was,” the man told this publication.
Nandan said he was pushed onto the bed and asked for his firearm, “I had tell them that I don’t have a firearm, that they must know that, then the one with the gun tell me not to look at him and I told him that if he is right in front of me where else does he want me to look…”
The men, who gun-butted Nandan, ransacked the house before taking Nandan’s cellular phone and a wristwatch he was wearing at the time, along with the $10,000 before fleeing in a waiting motor car which was parked nearby.
Nandan believes that the men may have been monitoring the area for some time since he recalled on Friday while talking with one of his neighbours, he noticed the same car in the community.
“It was parked till over so in front of that big house and I wanted to see the number plate of the car and we were waiting for a long time, but my neighbour said it might just be a male and female who want some private time… But people don’t come in here like that,” he explained.
B (Berbice) Division Commander, Assistant Commissioner Ian Amsterdam said the robbers operated in a similar manner to those who committed a robbery on a Corentyne businesswoman last week.
On Monday evening, two masked and armed men – one armed with a gun and the other with a cutlass – went into the home of Savitry Jagnandand, 44, of Number 72 Village, Corentyne.
The men took hundreds of thousands in cash and valuables.
However, it was unclear if the same men are responsible for this robbery.