Gunmen escape with $2.5M in jewellery during home invasion

– cash, cellphones also taken

Three gunmen have executed a daring robbery on the business place of a goldsmith at DaSilva Street, Newtown, Kitty Georgetown on Wednesday evening, reportedly carting off at least $2.5 million in jewellery, about $700,000 in cash, and several mobile phones.
The Police have said that the robbery was committed at about 20:40h by the three men who were armed. They reportedly robbed the goldsmith of $1.2 million in jewellery, and several others who were at his home at the time were robbed of another $1.3 million in jewellery. US$2,200 and at least two high-end mobile phones were also taken.
The Police have said that on the day in question, the 40-year-old goldsmith was in his business place while four others were in the yard waiting to collect items from him when the suspects entered the yard and held them at gunpoint, demanding that they hand over their valuables.
Fearful for their lives, the men complied. One of the suspects then kept the four men at gunpoint while two others went into the workshop, where they held the goldsmith at gunpoint and relieved him of the jewellery mentioned.
The armed men then made good their escape on two motorcycles.
Immediately after the robbery, the Police were contacted. No arrest has as yet been made, but the Police are continuing their investigations.