Guyana deserves better

Dear Editor,
It is with great interest that I and other Guyanese abroad and at home are following the ever-changing developments in the political situation in Guyana.
First, I am not affiliated to any political party in Guyana, but I surely think there is a better way of settling our differences and living together as one, regardless of race or beliefs.
The recounting currently ongoing should be afforded full transparency; it is a recount that would not have been needed if all protocols had been followed in our elections. Sadly, we are where we are now; and on top of that, we are dealing with a global pandemic.
To GECOM, I say: You have failed in your task to deliver fair and credible elections to the people of Guyana. However, it is not too late; let’s get it right this time. This whole fiasco should have been avoided by using the lawful process of tabulation of SOPs for Region #4, as was done in the other nine (9) regions.
It is not the coalition’s or PPP’s fault; It is yours! Own it! You may have had persons from various parties ask or coax you to veer from lawful practices to benefit them, but that does not exempt you from the blame…. If you were threatened, report it! The losers are not Mingo, or PPP, or the Coalition; the losers are the people of Guyana, and by extension the entire country!
APNU+AFC: You have lost the elections, and you know it! It takes great planning and strategy to win; but sometimes, with all the planning and strategising, you still lose, and that is okay. The greatest businesses and organistions were built on countless failures, you need to accept and study the reasons for your loss, so you can be stronger in 2025.
Remember, Guyana — and as a matter of fact, any democratic country — functions better with a robust opposition! The further you drag this fiasco along, the more you lose support, because people are seeing the wild accusations and assumptions for what they are. It will be harder to garner support for 2025 if you deliberately delay the inevitable. Guyana does not need a party to remain in power in 2025 by default, just because the Opposition Party (APNU+AFC in this case) damaged themselves so much that they cannot effectively function as a credible alternative. Imagine the power that scenario hands to the PPP!
I have seen some of your prominent leaders speak out against your non-acceptance of defeat. Now is the time to accept facts and move on; the longer you resist the inevitable, the worse it will be for you to rebound.
I understand that President Granger is a fair individual. Now is the time to let truth prevail, President Granger; the buck stops with you.
The smaller parties, the media, the observers and GECOM staff must not be forgotten, they toil every day to keep the wheels of democracy turning, I admire them. I see the media being blamed for taking sides, or for being the mouthpiece of one party or the other. I don’t doubt there are instances; but, for the most part, the media have been doing an outstanding job! Keep it up. Remember, before 2015, it was these same media houses that were accused of being in bed with the then Opposition APNU+AFC.

Concerned Citizen