Guyana Golf Association partners with the Scouts Association of Guyana to launch Nexgen Golf Academy

In recent years, the sport of golf has risen to new heights, and the newly formed Guyana Golf Association, in coordination with NexGen Golf Academy, has seen the opportunity to use this developing arena to create a special programme that would encourage persons of all ages to engage in physical activities.
The first facility is located at the Scouts Association of Guyana ground on Woolford Avenue, and a second is scheduled to follow shortly after. The GGA hopes to establish three regional locations by end of year, so that more persons can be exposed to the sport.
President of the Guyana Golf Association, Aleem Hussain, was demonstrably excited in his announcement of the project, “I see the benefits of exercise in combating the effects of stress, diabetes, and hypertension. The fact that many people are not into team sports prevents them from getting involved in physical activities, and this is a solution.”
More than three-year ago, Hussain discussed the idea of this project with major companies, and it became a subject of considerable interest, but logistics and implementation were concerns.
“Today we have resolved those issues, and I am proud to be in a position to launch the programme as soon as things return to normal,” he said.
“This is not traditional golf!” said Rudy Ramalingum, the Academy’s Director. “It is a way to learn the sport, interact with family and friends, and have lots of fun while getting some exercise. At the same time, for experienced golfers, it provides them with the opportunity to sharpen their skills and prove to their friends just how good they really are!”
The Academy plans to add floodlights to the ground, which will be open daily and will have extended hours late at night, to accommodate persons who prefer to practise in the cool evening breeze, besides hotel guests, students, and business owners.
There will be lots of prizes if persons can hit the targets, and the Academy plans to have players hit unlimited balls for a small fee (children and beginners free of charge), and will provide access to coaching for all interested persons.
Use of the equipment will be without charge, and partnerships with local suppliers means that tasty food and all types of healthy beverages will be available for visitors who want to play, or simply spectate.
The goal of the Academy is to have at least 300 students actively involved in the sport by year end, and there are hopes of fielding an Olympic team in the next five years.
It is important to note that golf is a recognized CAPE subject that is now approved for teaching in all schools, and the Academy hopes this would lead to an increasing number of students from all over the country getting involved.
President of the Scouts Association of Guyana, Ramsey Ali, said, “I am a fan of golf but never played, and now this gives me and a lot of other interested persons the opportunity to start. I also learnt that scholarship opportunities are available, especially for girls and women who are involved in golf and feel they should take full advantage of such.”
Members of Team Macorp, Marriott, New Trend Auto, Assuria General Insurance and other major supporters of the academy will be on hand for the upcoming launch, to demonstrate their skills for the crowd.
For more information on how to sign up for the Academy, visit their Facebook page Nexgen Golf Academy, or call 645 0944.