Guyana is in good hands

Dear Editor,
The PPP/C Government has never gotten a smooth and easy sailing whether in or out of office. From the inception of that political party of persons to the present era, this party has never had an easy road, there have always been bumps, holes, caverns, what have you, dug into their path to impede its forward movement. This party has been buffeted on every hand.
For starters there has been a mountain of criticisms and negative comments since its accession to office, the first hurdle it had to surmount was to have a free election held within the constitutional stipulated timeline.
In the bullying obstinacy of the PNC, our constitution was flagrantly violated as witnessed in the non-recognition of the No-confidence motion. Even further, there was a fight by the PNC to uphold a fraudulent declaration and a further 5 months of waiting for the rectification of the same. These are some of the glaring instances in the weaponry of the PNC’s Obstructionist plans.
Now, with the founding of oil the naysayers are showing up with a renewed fervor displaying their negativity in every area that they possibly can. So, try every which way to bring the party and government down; just shower them with an avalanche of negatives. But even that cannot deter the progress that has already started.
Everything is now is a sacred cow, never to be exploited, never to be touched, but only to be constantly gazed upon and nothing else. I am talking about the mangroves that are so sacred that a few of them cannot be disrupted because it would bring about the end of the world. Even our oil should not be touched because it would bring about Climate Change, this is the idiocy that emanates from the halls of the Opposition.
The PNC and the naysayers have all come out in full force to condemn, tear down and stop the very fabric of development and progress. In their book nothing should be touched, nothing should be developed everything should remain in “pristine beauty” that even if Christopher Columbus should return in this century, he would recognize this country.
It is the same asinine reason that the Amaila Falls project never got started, the flaring of natural gas which is a natural occurrence of oil exploration should not come to shore so that we can utilize it. This also means that there should be no expansion nor improvement to our infrastructure and agriculture because it marks an infringement on the “rights” of poor people wanting to squat and get a place called home in this country.
You get my drift! This is the reasoning that this bunch of idiots would want us to absorb! Not forgetting some politically aligned NGO’s and fly by night experts who see gloom in every move this government makes.
But this is not going to happen because with every negative comes the strengthening of the government’s resolve to move this country forward. Development and progress are in the Government’s corner, because we are going to explore every avenue there is to press on in that development trajectory. If we do not have the knowledge and expertise to carry it out, then we will partner with those who have that knowledge and experiential know-how to achieve it. Guyana is in good hands and we are holding on tenaciously to those hands.

Neil Adams