Guyana receives $2M in protective equipment from Israel

On Thursday, Guyana received a donation of $2 million worth of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from the Government of Israel, to aid in the fight against COVID-19.
Since the pandemic struck the world back in 2020, Israel has made efforts to share resources globally to combat the virus.
The donation – which comprises 100,000 surgical masks, 4600 shoe covers, 4600 surgical caps, 1000 surgical gowns, 5000 KN95 and 20 pulse oximeters – was welcomed by the Georgetown Public Hospital.
During the handing-over ceremony, Health Advisor, Dr Leslie Ramsammy conveyed gratitude on behalf of the Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony and the country at large for the timely and generous donation.
He related that the present Health Minister was among the first group of persons to benefit from the relationship between the Governments of Israel and Guyana.
“Dr Anthony graduated with his Master’s in Public Health after studying in Israel and today he is our Minister,” Dr Ramsammy noted.
Furthermore, he added that the donation of the PPE was a sign of a growing relationship between the two countries.
Meanwhile, the President of the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition (CILC), Dr Andre Thomas highlighted that the world was currently facing an unprecedented crisis.
“This can only mirror in the eyes of some people, what happened during World War II and the effect and the displacement it had on general life” he explained.
Nevertheless, Dr Thomas noted that through it all, there has been immense cooperation between nations as they strive to combat the virus universally.
Also speaking at the ceremony was the Israeli Ambassador to Panama, Barbados, Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago, Reda Mansour.
The Ambassador posited that the modest donation of the PPE was the sign of the beginning of a fruitful relationship between Guyana and Israel.
“There is a lot to be done here [Guyana], especially in the health sector. Israel is a health leader and we also like to share our “know-how” in this field… I’m hoping with the health system in Guyana, this will be the first step that will open many other doors of cooperation,” he explained.
Mansour noted that the pandemic has been a historic and symbolic moment for the international community.
On this note, he added that the pandemic has shown that borders have no meaning.
“Something that happens in the other side of the world can affect our nations within hours or days… We’re hoping that this epidemic will teach us to cooperate more, we will open channels of communication,” he explained.
He further explained that Israel has been sharing vaccines and findings globally, in order to benefit countries and their populations during the pandemic.
Moreover, Mansour noted that Israel was working to strengthen ties and to enhance its relationship with Caricom Member States.
“We want to be in daily contact with you, we want to see in which issues of development we can help and we want to work together to improve the living conditions of all people through sharing of resources,” Mansour related.