“Guyana Where & What” 12th edition in circulation

“Guyana Where & What”, first published in 2006 for the Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean with continued publication on an annual basis, released its 12th edition on the market.
It is a very handy guidebook containing information of interest to the average tourist. It can be conveniently carried around as one traverses the length and breadth of Guyana, sightseeing. Visitors and Guyanese have all found it very educational and informative. A few of the local schools use it as a reference.
Distribution is done through local airports, hotels, travel agencies, tour companies and operators, local and overseas Embassies and High Commissions, GO-Invest, local and international trade fairs, and tourism packages given to attendees for seminars and conventions and local expos staged throughout Guyana.
Copies can be uplifted from the Guyana Tourism Authority and the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana or from its publisher, Gem Madhoo-Nascimento. It is also posted online on www.guyanawhereandwhatonline.com