Guyana will not be recolonised

Dear Editor,
Guyana will not be recolonised or put under the yoke of neo-colonialism, that is talking from the external standpoint, further, we are not going to be distracted by the local claptraps as they go on a rampage of retrogression. Recolonisation is defined as a process in which former or new colonising powers seek to retain control over former colonies in effect they are seeking to replicate or reproduce the conditions of the former colony and as such keep them under a perpetual form of underdevelopment and backwardness.
Many countries refer to themselves as independent and sovereign nations yet when you assess their situation they are still subjugated by former colonial powers or from newer emerging forms of capitalism. Under this framework, Guyana as a developing oil economy has to manoeuvre. Now, Guyana has oil and the potential to be another Singapore if not Japan, in this part of the Western world and the capacity for phenomenal growth is at our doorstep.
In this regard, there is an inordinate obsession with everything that goes on in Guyana today. There are foreign interests that are pouring in willing and able to make investments in the developing oil and gas sector. This is good news for the investment climate here, however, we must take cautious steps with those foreign companies that they do not take on the role of being masters looking down on their docile slaves down here; that foolishness would not be tolerated.
And with the same mindset, we view those local groups here who seek to stymie progress. We view with great distaste the actions of those malcontents who from time to time would come up with every negative theory in the book. One so-called expert has gone so far as to seek out a court order to stop the production of oil until their agenda is adhered to. What hogwash! What asininity!
So there is this movement on right now to stop the developmental trajectory and recolonise our country. Well, I can tell you that is not going to happen. Guyana will move forward on that developmental path, unfettered and unhindered by those naysayers.

Neil Adams

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