Guyanese inability to articulate

Dear Editor,
Not too long ago I watched several “Man on the street” interviews by several television stations. I observed that everyone had either the same response to a particular question but could not provide examples or further explanation/clarification.
For example, folks in the popular shopping areas were asked, how was business? Response was business bad! When asked to add some colour to their responses, they were unable to articulate, even on a rudimentary basis, why business was bad or why the increases in VAT will negatively affect them. It is no wonder why there are no referendums.
There were other interviews, including mothers who sons were killed by gun shots allegedly by police. Their responses sounded like there are never due process.
I believe there is serious crisis with regard to citizens understanding on a factual basis their current circumstances. For this reason, no amount of investments into grand-scale projects would result in positively affecting a majority of the masses if they cannot articulate what it is they want and to put it into proper verbal communication.
I suggest more frequent discussions of common subjects on radio and television as well as print and social media. The variety of point of views should cultivate an environment of articulation.
A good starting point is why many citizens felt business was bad during Christmas 2016.

Keith Bernard