Guyanese must stand in solidarity against abhorrent criminal acts

Dear Editor,
On behalf of the International Centre for Democracy – Youth Empowerment, we wish to express our sincerest commiserations and sympathies to the families and friends of the three victims who were gruesomely murdered in Black Bush Polder, Berbice, Guyana.
We strongly believe these heinous crimes must be stopped immediately. Crimes of this magnitude have continued to plague us and haunt the lives of innocent Guyanese.
We are of the firm view that these horrific crimes must be addressed with great urgency.
We call on the Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan and President David Granger to combat these crimes with full commitment! Let the people of Guyana, and the international arena, know how the government is going to tackle and reduce these crimes.
We also feel the international community on human rights must know of the troubling times hinging on the livelihood of so many innocent people. The tally of repugnant murders and crimes against our brothers and sisters is beyond out of control.
If these crimes continue to plague our country, it will send the wrong message to investors, visitors and the world at large. It will have an adverse impact on our image as a country and cripple our economy.
Moreover, as a nation and Guyanese, we must stand united and in solidarity against these abhorrent criminal acts!

Yours sincerely,
Mahendra Hariraj
ICD Youth