Guyanese must uplift each other, remain hopeful to overcome challenges – PPP

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends greetings to all Guyanese, both here and in the Diaspora, on the occasion of Guyana’s 57th Independence Anniversary.
The 57 years since the Golden Arrowhead was first hoisted in May 1966 were not without their challenges. Our nation and its people were tested at various points, but on every occasion, despite the severity of what confronted us, our resilience and indomitable will to rise to those challenges and forge ahead prevailed.
Once again, we are challenged as a people to be brave in the face of tragedy following the death of 19 innocent souls in the devastating fire at Mahdia. We join all of Guyana and the rest of the world in mourning this tragic loss, and express our condolences to the affected families.
We also pray for a speedy recovery for all those who remain hospitalized, and pledge our full support at ensuring no effort is spared towards this end. As our nation struggles to come to grips with the enormity of the moment, it is especially important that, as Guyanese, we uplift each other and offer hope and support.
In observing another milestone in our independence, our Party urges reflection on the valiant efforts of those who made untold sacrifices during the struggles for self-rule. Those sacrifices must continue to be valued, and remain a source to imbue us all with pride and patriotism.
We must also remain cognizant of our nation’s vast potential; which, through prudent management, can create the brighter future we all desire. Let us continue to remain hopeful, so that our challenges can be overcome.
Happy Independence to all Guyanese!

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