Guyanese teens are important

Dear Editor,
The reason I think every teenager should be built stronger is that we need a stronger and more secure tomorrow for all our young Guyanese. I recommend every Guyanese teen be part of a volunteer group, because we need to build stronger leaders in society.
To begin to build an individual, we need our young people to have tighter schedules and fewer distractors (Social medias, television etc.). Whatever negativity or downfall teens are facing in Guyana, joining a volunteer group is a great way to bring more light to an individual and their situation.
Let’s build our younger Guyanese by sharing light and love, and by giving more together, because the feeling one gets inside is priceless. Some volunteer groups that are recommended for our Guyanese teens to join are: volunteering at a
religious organisation, joining up with Global Shapers Community, Habitat for Humanity Guyana, and Red Cross Society; these are all great non-profit organisations.

Yours sincerely,
Serena Cummings