GWI to drill new well to alleviate water woes on ECD

Preparations are underway for a new well to be drilled in the community of Lusignan to alleviate the water woes being experienced by a number of communities along the East Coast of Demerara.
This was revealed by Chief Executive Officer of Guyana Water Incorporated, Shaik Baksh, during a meeting with the Chairman and Councillors of the Mon Repos – La Reconnaissance Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) as well as residents of surrounding areas last week.

GWI CEO Shaik Baksh addressing Councillors and residents at Lusignan

Villages such as Enmore, Mon Repos, Lusignan, Annandale, Good Hope, Friendship and Enterprise have been experiencing a low level and, in some cases, a disruption of service due to the collapse of a well.
Baksh explained that a camera inspection of the well revealed that there was a breach in the well casing, causing the pump and motor to be stuck.
“Our investigation reveals that there is a perforation in the casings at around 224 feet below ground.” This resulted in the well producing sand. Numerous attempts have since proved futile to repair the well and bring it back into operation.
It was noted that the entire well head had sunk approximately 2 inches into the earth. This is an indication that there is danger in proceeding further, since the entire well surroundings, buildings, machines, equipment and people could potentially be dragged into a pit.

Technical staff carrying out work on the defective Lusignan well

Following these events, the CEO made a decision to drill a new well to provide a permanent solution to affected residents. He told the NDC Councillors that GWI will return to the community to consult with residents regarding the most suitable location for the well to be drilled.
The CEO explained that GWI has already moved to secure funding and all necessary resources to drill the well, noting that the materials have already been ordered. The materials are expected to arrive within 2 months, after which drilling will commence.
In the meantime, GWI has implemented alternative arrangements to provide a steady level of service to areas that have been affected by the collapsed well. This includes reactivating the Enmore well station, which has previously been out of operation.