Haitians wanted to be released at city hotel – Govt

Haitians outside of a hotel at South Road, Georgetown. [Photo taken from News Room]

The Guyana Government, in a statement today, clarified that the Haitians who were being accommodated at the Hugo Chavez Centre had requested to be transported to an address of their choice.

Reports indicated that the Haitians were last evening dropped off at a hotel at South Road, Georgetown.

See full statement below:

Statement by Government of Guyana on Haitians

On the 3rd day of December 2020, the Honourable Chief Justice Roxane George granted a Stay of Deportation Orders made in relation to 26 Haitians currently in Guyana. The case before the Chief Justice is still pending and there is no indication when it will be concluded.

Up to last night, the Haitians were being accommodated at the Hugo Chavez Rehabilitation and Reintegration Centre. It must be emphasised that this is not a detention centre. This centre is properly staffed, resourced and its guests are adequately fed and supervised. The facility is secured and the conditions hygienic.

However, since it cannot be determined when the legal proceedings will be concluded, the Haitians were offered either to remain at the facility or to be released at an address of their choice. They chose the latter. After their meals, last evening, they were dropped off at the address requested. Their valuables and passports were delivered to them.

The Government wishes to reject the wild and reckless allegations that are circulating on this matter and implore that politicians and others, cease exploiting and sensationalizing this matter in the advancement of selfish agendas.