Heavy fines soon as GPF, EPA tackle noise nuisance

As the Guyana Police Force (GPF) collaborates with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to educate the public on noise nuisance, it was announced that heftier fines are expected for violators who continue to break the law.

Deputy Commander of Regional Division Three, Superintendent Khalid Mandal

Three months after the Guyana Police Force signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the EPA to tackle noise nuisance, this development was announced
The agreement was signed to pave the way for greater collaboration between the EPA and the Police in the areas of training and enforcement of noise management.
However, on Friday, the EPA and the Police Force said that their collaboration is allowing for more implementations of penalties.
Only last month, the EPA presented the Guyana Police Force with 25 sound level meters to aid in the Force’s efforts to curb noise nuisance.
During the conference, the Deputy Commander of Regional Division Three, Superintendent Khalid Mandal said that the Police’s Offence Act does not cater for hefty fines for offenders.
But, due to the collaboration with the EPA, the Police Force will be able to implement heftier fines.
“We recognise that when we charge people under the summary jurisdiction act… the fine for the first conviction is very small – $7500 to $10,00 and to $15,000. For the second offence, $10,000 to $20,000. Under the EPA act, it is much hefty. It starts at $80,000 to $750,000. So, with us getting that Act, that will be a deterrent in itself,” he said.
Mandal said this would be a good move to put a stop to those who refuse to comply with the laws.
Top Cop Clifton Hicken stated that members of the public can look out for the Guyana Police Force’s proactive arrangement in terms of dealing with noise pollution, which is expected to bring some degree of relief.
He said the Force continues to develop partnerships with wider stakeholders, and they will ensure that more focus is placed on noise pollution in a constructive way. (G9)