Hijacking democratic elections an embarrassment to Guyanese

Dear Editor,
Like so many Guyanese abroad, Guyanese residing in Winnipeg have observed from afar the continuing efforts by the ruling party, APNU/AFC, to deny our country folks the right to elect the winning party through the elections held on March 2nd.
Guyana will always be our emotional home; our small Winnipeg group continues to support schools and communities with books, first aid and sports supplies.
Ever since the NCM was passed in Parliament in December 2018, we noted the commencement of APNU/AFC shenanigans. Mischief.
There were deliberate delays in the appointment of the Chairman of the Elections Commission, due to the recalcitrant attitude of Mr. Granger. Indeed, the CCJ ruled that his initial appointment violated the Constitution of Guyana.
When the elections were eventually held on March 2nd 2020, they were deemed by international observers from OAS, Commonwealth, EEC, CARICOM, Carter Center and accredited local observers to be free, fair and transparent. We noted with dismay, however, that in spite of the Statements of Poll revealing the PPP the winner, the APNU/AFC party still claims victory. The repeated calls then made for that party to provide its SOPs, as the PPP did in support of its claim, never materialised to this day, as far as we know.
Instead, what we and the world witnessed was the barefaced irregularities in the tabulation of Region 4 by RO Clairmont Mingo, to alter the results of the election.
We have since noted repeated attempts by Messrs. Mingo and CEO Lowenfield to provide fraudulent reports to the Commission.
We also noted that the Caricom recount exposed the Mingo fraud and confirmed PPP the winner.
The hijacking of the democratic election process is a huge embarrassment to all Guyanese. No self-respecting person would walk the streets of Guyana without any clothes, for that individual would feel it’s wrong and feel ashamed – the feeling of social shame for doing a public wrong. Yet, the saga continues.
We have noted with dismay the constant use, indeed abuse, of the courts to thwart the will of the electorate.
We are reassured, however, by efforts of both the local and international democratic forces, who have remained engaged since March 2nd, to support the will of the people of Guyana.

Beta Seewah
For the Winnipeg