Hire car driver found hanging after being locked out of house

A hire car driver, who was refused entry into his home because he was drunk, allegedly ended his life with a rope.
On Thursday morning, the lifeless body of Mahendra Sewnarine was found hanging by the neck from a rope suspended from a support beam under the house.

Mahendra Sewnarine
Mahendra Sewnarine

The 25-year-old taxi driver on Number 79 Corriverton, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) got home at 00:01h on Thursday morning, reportedly intoxicated. That is according to his common-law wife Nandanie Kokil. The discovery was made at 06:00h by a neighbour who had gone to the shop situated on the same premises. “I look and I see the hammock not there and when I look over there, I see he hanging and I run out of the yard…” the neighbour related.
Kokil said it was not the first time her husband came home in that state. She told this publication that, on some occasions, he would remain in the hammock and sleep and other times when he is allowed into the house, he would get something to eat and then go to bed. “Because of how he does behave sometimes, I don’t open the door and he would sleep in the hammock,” she said.
According to the 23-year-old widow, on several occasions, Sewnarine threaded to take his own life. “When he sober up the next day, I would tell him to stop drinking… Sometimes when he drunk he would say that he gon kill himself, but when we talking the next day, I would tell him to stop drinking, if he know rum will bring problem,” the grieving woman said.
Relatives of Sewnarine who reside at Number 69 Village – where he lived previously – have related that on many occasions after working, the now dead man would be seen drinking and when he goes home, he preferred to stay outside in a hammock.
Kokil said her husband left home at about 17:00h on Wednesday to wash his car and returned seven hours later intoxicated.
He leaves to mourn his wife, mother, father and sister. His brother died two years ago after ingesting a poisonous substance.