Hitting… the floor

It’s really funny to your Eyewitness that some folks have their buktas and drawers in knots cause they think it was infra dig for Prezzie to make those dance moves at the PPP Congress. Really?? So, it was OK for British royalty to dance the night away ‘cause it was all waltzes and minuets? Well, those royals also loved their country dancing – especially Irish jigs – which had some pretty nifty footwork! But that’s not the point, is it?? The point is Prezzie’s dance moves move youths of all stripes – and this is scaring the bejesus of those seeing the PPP walking away with the 2025 elections like a moonwalk…oppps!…cakewalk!!
Let’s face it…the youth votes are the largest demographic in our country – and whichever party takes a chunk outside the “traditional” constituencies, they’re gonna hit the jackpot come next November. The PPP’s already given the Amerindian voters the full court press – not only by the development programmes being executed in all their regions and sectors of their economy – but also giving them real political power. Did you see the number of Amerindian delegates at the Congress in proportion to their overall numbers??
That just shows you how many party groups they have – since this is the criteria for sending delegates!! They were able to elect at least 10 members of the Central Executive Committee. And your Eyewitness ain’t talking about those “non-voting” ones – but those who would have to be courted for party decisions to be made. And in non-socialist countries – as well as socialist ones – it’s what the party says that gets done when they’re in government!!
So ,Prezzie’s dance moves are gonna have a dramatic effect on the voting demographics next year. He’s already shown he can defend our honour against snotty furriners who wanna talk down at us. He’s already shown that he can deal with the economic questions that our oil revenues have thrown up to grease our developmental plans. And what he’s showing with his willingness to express his youthful enthusiasm in meeting the people – and now dancing with the people – is demonstrate that he’s the complete opposite of David Granger – who was so stiff and out of place that he took time out to chastise youth from his constituency from hanging out at a beer garden in Plaisance!!
Being a young man who was given not one – but TWO – ministerial portfolios when he was just 29, Prezzie knows from his lived experience – as they say nowadays – that you can boogie and get things done at the same time!! Wasn’t he the one who unfurled the first PPP housing drive that was the largest ever accomplished in the Caribbean??
Hey!! The man just danced his way into the nation’s hearts!!

…the extremes
Folks don’t realise that Roysdale Forde’s been working away pretty assiduously at making a name for himself – and not so coincidentally – getting his hands on the ship of state’s steering wheel!! Does anyone realise that since he claimed he was brought aboard by Desmond Hoyte, this had to’ve been over 21 years ago?? But suddenly in 2018 he was appointed to be a senior Poobah of one of the Masonic lodges in Georgetown!! With the English Head flying in to anoint him – or whatever else they do in the secret conclaves!!
Well, we know these Masonic Lodges – -with their secret handshakes and kabbalistic rites make members – from that elite set of red people – into blood brothers and such like, don’t we?? So he was made Senior Counsel by the Sanctimonious Gangster in 2019 – when in the decade before he hadn’t done squat when the doo-doo was hitting the fan for the PNC.
So, how far do these Masonic connections go?? Army? Public Service?

…the peace button??
Hamas suddenly announced it was accepting a ceasefire even as the Israelis are getting ready to launch their attack on Rafah!! So, will Netanyahu take the bait – or will he continue with his nihilistic bombardment and genocide??