Home Affairs Ministry keeping close eye on cops with “side hustles”

Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn has promised to launch an investigation into Police officers who might be abusing their positions of power to operate private businesses or “side hustles”.
Ranks of the Guyana Police who have taken on second jobs or have engaged in other businesses while under the employ of the Government will now be investigated by the Home Affairs Ministry.
This was announced recently by Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn, who noted that a rule prohibits the officers in the Force from having second jobs.
His remark was in response to comments made by President of the Minibus Association Eon Andrews, who said many buses on the parks are owned by Police officers – and oftentimes, they are the ones flouting the law.
“…they should not be involved in having any private businesses. We will look into it,” he said.
The Minister said so far, he is aware of one instance where an officer is the owner of a minibus that is being operated on the roadways and has some form of influence.
“I was told of one case where it was said that policeman owned a minibus but his fugitive wife owned it… but he had influence. Those are some of the issues we have to work on,” the Minister said.
The Police Act Chapter 16:01 stipulates that “…a member of the Force may be discharged at any time if, without the consent of the Commissioner, he carried on any business or trade or holds any other office or employment for hire or gain”.
It further states that he cannot “reside at any premises where any member of his family keeps a shop or carries on any like business…”.
The salary scale of Police officers has been a sore issue – and is something President Dr Irfaan Ali has committed to addressing.
In December over 50,000 public servants, teachers, members of the Disciplined Services, and Government pensioners received their 2021 salary increase. That included the 7 per cent increase that was announced by the Government. (G9)