Hope can never be lost

Dear Editor,
Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday are excellent reminders to Guyanese and the world over that all loss leads to something new. The message at its core teaches us that hope can never be lost, no matter how tough situations become; the rainbow always comes after the storm.
We, the Guyana Islamic Forum for Education, Peace and Religious Solidarity, the Electric Mosque’s Presentation of the Teachings of Islam, in association with the Universal Peace Federation – Guyana, seize this opportunity to extend Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday greetings to the nation of Guyana, His Excellency President Irfaan Ali and family, distinguished members of the Government, the Opposition, and especially to our Christian brothers and sisters.
With the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions having been relaxed, people are now finding it more freeing to celebrate and bask in the sunshine.
So, we are stepping into Easter 2022 with gratefulness in our hearts, as we celebrate knowing that we have been given this most humbling opportunity.
Let us use this auspicious time to express love to our neighbours, and to meet the needs of those who are less fortunate in our midst.
May we embody the virtues of love, sacrifice, forgiveness, bravery, and resilience that Jesus (PBUH) embodied and remarkably displayed during His earthly mission.
We would also like to take this opportunity to urge all drivers and pedestrians to take special caution while on our new state-of-the-art roadways this long weekend.
We advise you to use safe driving strategies, adhere to the speed limit, do not take unnecessary risks, or drive under the influence of alcohol. To guarantee the safety of yourself and those on the roadways, we ask that you please do your part.

Hajji Dr Roshan Khan