Hope Kissoon is not going mad

Dear Editor,
When Sir VS Naipaul wrote about Man Man in Miguel Street how prophetic was he about life and people in Guyana?  Naipaul wrote:  “Then one day Man Man  said he had seen God after having a bath. This didn’t surprise many of us. Seeing God was quite common in Port of Spain and, indeed, in Trinidad at that time. Ganesh Pundit, the mystic masseur from Fuente Grove, had started it. He had seen God, too, and had published a little booklet called What God Told Me. Many rival mystics and not a few masseurs had announced the same thing, and I suppose it was natural that since God was in the area Man Man should see Him.
Man Man began preaching at the corner of Miguel Street, under the awning of Mary’s shop. He did this every Saturday night.
He let his beard grow and he dressed in a long white robe. He got a Bible and other holy things and stood in the white light of an acetylene lamp and preached. He was an impressive preacher, and he preached in an odd way.
He made women cry, and he made people really worried. He used to hold the Bible in his right hand and slap it with his left and say in his perfect English accent, “I have been talking to God these few days, and what he tell me about you people wasn’t really nice to hear.

These days you hear all the politicians and them talking about making the island self-sufficient. You know what God tell me last night? Last night self, just after I finish eating? God say, “Man Man, come and have a look at these people.”’
Man Man must have been looking at people in Guyana. Who is our Man Man self? Preaching nu, Freddie Kissoon  admits that God has been talking to him. Personally.  Hope  Kissoon is not going mad. Kissoon actually kept good notes of what God said to him. Don’t believe me? Read the article titled  “God gave Guyanese a chance in 2015. He will not do it again.” Without his daily brimstone column what would Guyana be? No hopeless nation can afford to lose such national treasures like him and ACDA’s Eric Philips.
Kissoon wrote: “If you are a believer, then you will accept that the hand of God intervened to save Guyana in May 2015.”  (Maybe God is Gecom which rigged the elections or the ABC countries who supervised it to prevent a coup and mayhem)  How does Kissoon know for sure? He says he “has an interesting explanation as to why people suffer when there is a God who can prevent it.”  Guyanese are fortunate that daily the Indian Kissoon and Black Phillips better bears our crosses. Like promised coalition messiahs only they can make Guyana into heaven.  For only 20 per cent of Guyana’s lands the ACDA and Phillips would end poverty for all Black Guyanese. Seal the deal before the mind wanders, I say.
Kissoon wrote: “God paid special attention to this country in May 2015 and said to it that I am giving you one last chance. Will the chance be grabbed with both hands?”  Like the promised redeemer Kissoon adds from his written notes what God told him. He wrote: “God will not give a second chance. He normally doesn’t do it.”  Kissoon obviously must be God’s beloved son in whom he is well-pleased to know what God does, or would not do.  By Kissoon’s miracle of turning philosophy into scripture like water became wine he wrote that “God created space for humans to conduct their affairs and he gave them the independence to act as good souls; you cannot fault God or deny that he exists if humans chose to go on the wrong path.”
How does anyone confirm if the promised redeemer was actually the Guyanese duo in coalition living amongst us all this time? And we never knew it till now!

Sultan Mohamed