Hoping NIS contributions for sugar workers are credited accurately

Dear Editor,
The GAWU refers to an article titled “NIS denies cutting benefits to sugar workers” which appeared in the media on June 21, 2020, wherein the NIS’ Public Relations Officer (PRO), Ms Dianne Lewis clarified that the Scheme hasn’t suspended benefits to sugar workers from the beginning of this year.
On this matter, as we shared before, the Scheme’s local offices we interact with have communicated a 180-degree position from that of the PRO. We recognise that Ms Lewis did not specifically advise whether it is all claims, irrespective of the date of submission, that would be honoured or if there has been a restriction based on the date of submission as we have been previously advised. We presume it’s the former rather than the latter and would not wish to engage in splitting hairs on the issue.
We nevertheless are heartened by this clarity and expect that this instruction will be clearly and unambiguously communicated to all local offices. The GAWU expects too that the several claims by sugar workers which have been held back on the supposed instruction will be quickly processed and payments prepared for the workers concerned. Similarly, from the utterances of the PRO, we suppose that workers’ NIS contributions are credited accurately to their records.

Yours faithfully,
Seepaul Narine
General Secretary