Human Services Ministry disturbed by brutality meted out to women & girls

— Minister visits 98-year-old rape victim

The Human Services and Social Security Ministry is alarmed and deeply disturbed by the increasing violence and brutality meted out to women and girls.
“Two most recent cases – the rape and brutal beating of a 98-year-old woman and the alleged forcible sexual assault of a 10-year-old child highlight the horrific nature of this persistent, monstrous scourge of abuse which tears at the very fabric of our nation,” the Ministry stated in a release to the media on Sunday.

Minister Persaud at the home of the 98-year-old rape victim

In addition, the Ministry has called for the perpetrators to be dealt with condignly and face the full force of the law. The Ministry continues to encourage the culture of reporting and urged persons to utilise the 914 hotline for early interventions.
In fact, with its continuous efforts to safeguard the vulnerable, the Ministry in collaboration with the National Commission of the Elderly and the Childcare Protection Agency (CPA) will be rolling out new programmes, as well as strengthening existing programmes to tackle these serious issues.
Meanwhile, subject Minister Dr Vindhya Persaud visited the 98-year-old woman who was raped and viciously beaten in her Rose Hall home last week. She has since committed to assisting the elderly woman with the necessary resources to ensure her ongoing comfort and safety.
Accompanying the Minister was Permanent Secretary Shannielle Hoosein-Outar.
Following the visit, Minister Persaud strongly condemned the brutality of the attack on the defenceless woman, and would “like to see the perpetrators be dealt with condignly and face the full force of the law.”