Hundreds attend National Hindu Youth conference

…urged to use technology wisely

Hundreds of youths hailing from various communities across the country attended a National Hindu Youth conference at the Sanskritik Kendra, Prashad Nagar, hosted by the Dharmic Naujawaan.

Hindu youths from across Guyana attended the National Youth Conference at Dharmic Sanskritik Kendra, Prashad Nagar
Hindu youths from across Guyana attended the National Youth Conference at Dharmic Sanskritik Kendra, Prashad Nagar

The activity was held under the theme, “Moulding tomorrow’s Hindu leaders” and coincides with National Youth Week, Naujawaan ka hapta.
During the opening of the one-day conference, president of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, Dr Vindhya Persaud, urged youths to use technology wisely – especially mobile devices – to become wiser and better individuals. Dr Persaud said the conference was held with the aim of moulding Hindu youths to be better leaders and more responsible in society.
Speaking on technology the Sabha’s president urged those in attendance to use technology constructively since the entire world is said to be at the fingertips: “Use your technology to better yourself, do things that you strongly believe in, use it to solve problems that have plagued society.”
Youths were urged to form themselves into groups and be better empowered in the fight against abuse, suicide and violence, rights for girls, and literacy.
Additionally, Persaud advised that young people gathered at the event: “drive the extra mile in making things happen and never stop dreaming, and to believe in life.”
Youths were also encouraged and empowered to “brush off failures” and to make something out of their life by being practical. The organisation’s head emphasised that the gift of life is precious and one should never live in regrets.
Chairman of the central Naujawan Kumar Kissoon addressed the youths, explaining that the conference seeks to empower youths to face day-to-day challenges.
Guest speaker for the conference was senior economist of Bank of Guyana Reshma Ramratan. She discussed the importance of young people being educated and appreciating the value of life.
During the sessions youths were educated on the existence and effects of emotional abuse, leadership, becoming an effective and efficient leader of tomorrow, career guidance, photography, finance, law, engineer and medicine.
The dharmic Naujawaan is the youth-arm of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha.