Husband slits wife’s throat during argument over electrical cord

…attempts to kill teen daughter
…nabbed by Police in backdam

A 16-year-old girl and her two younger brothers are in a state of shock after witnessing the murder of their mother at the hands of their father.

Dead: 44-year-old Somattie Keosoram

Dead is 44-year-old Somattie Keosoram. She died on her way to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital, East Coast Demerara (ECD) after her throat was slashed with a kitchen knife.
Reports are that the murder occurred at Cane Grove, ECD on Thursday night between 19:30h and 20:00h. According to Police reports, Keosoram’s 56-year-old husband arrived home from work on Thursday intoxicated and an argument ensued between the couple.
As a result of the row, the now-dead woman told her husband that she would not sleep in their bedroom. This newspaper was told that Keosoram took a mattress out from a bedroom and placed it in their living room.
However, this angered Jackson who approached the living room, where he asked his wife if he could sit on the chair beside her.
The couple’s teenage daughter told this publication that her mother agreed but then her parents started arguing again.
She related that her father left and went into the kitchen and returned with a knife.
“When I see him, I said he must have been bluffing her or he must have gone to give her a couple punches or something. I was right next to she…Actually it happened right in front of my eyes so when I see the blood start spray I left shocked. I could not say anything, I could not move, you know,” the teen related.
The traumatised girl lamented that she could not help her mother at that point.
“He had threatened to kill her and to kill me too, it happen a good while now, him threatening to kill, but last night (Thursday) we never expected it. I could not do anything but when the shock passed that is when I jumped on him and I cuffed him behind his neck back but he was coming after me”.
She told Guyana Times that by this time, her two younger brothers rushed out the home to seek help.
However, after realising that her father was about to injure her, she too ran out.
“All of us were home but after the thing happened they gone to call neighbours and me alone was with him. He said he can’t let one go down alone so he was about to come to me. So I ran.”
The teen related that neighbours responded and rushed to their assistance but her father ran out of their house, picked up his bicycle and rode off. Meanwhile, a bleeding Keosoram managed to walk out of their house and exit the yard but she collapsed on the dam.
She was rushed to a nearby hospital by relatives but was pronounced dead.
The couple’s teen daughter told this publication that her mother and father were in a relationship for almost 28 years and this union produced six children.
According to the teen, her mother was the subject of constant abuse at the hands of Jackson.
“Our older siblings do not live with us and my mother left with us from our Supply house to come to Cane Grove away from the abuse from my father. Only last year November he moved back here at this address. But prior to that, he use to visit, go and come here since we moved,” the teen said.
Meanwhile, Jackson, who had gone into hiding following the incident, was captured by investigators in the backdam at Cane Grove, on Friday morning.
The man was reportedly in the process of committing suicide when the Police arrived.
An investigation has since been launched.
Just over a week ago, another woman was stabbed to death with a kitchen knife by her reputed husband. He too attempted to take his own life afterwards.
Bibi Ali, a mother of three, was at the couple’s Crane, West Coast Demerara (WCD) home when the incident occurred. The man had accused the woman of being unfaithful.
After committing the act, Natram Lall reportedly ingested a poisonous substance. He was released from the hospital and has since been slapped with a murder charge and remanded to prison. (Kristen Macklingam)