I offer the President my apologies if I was disrespectful

Dear Editor,
Jerome Khan has a valid point.
My comments about the Coincidence of Correia being a dominant Operator and Shareholder at the ogle airport and the Renaming of the Airport to Correia could have interpretations and if one of those interpretations is deemed to be disrespectful to the President, I offer the President my apologies.
This Ogle International Airport fiasco is unfortunate and could have and should have been resolved by the past and current governments.
However, it is clear to me that the President will proceed with the renaming of the airport regardless of the pleas and objections from the majority of the stakeholders at Ogle Airport.
That is the democracy of which I speak.
I speak not of shareholders who make up a very small percentage of the stakeholders of a national public asset and public utility owned by the people of Guyana and managed by a private company.
At this point I am yet unaware of any public or indeed any consultations conducted to derive a name for the airport.
This might be a small issue to the President in the national scheme of things, but a major issue to the operators at the airport.
Nevertheless, my disagreement with the President on this one issue should in no way be interpreted as disrespectful to the President and if it did I once again apologize to the President.
Khan, learned as he is, has however failed to provide the evidence I have begged him to produce, instead unsuccessfully crouching behind a transparent veil of renewed baseless accusations of a political nature. Sadly he attempts to further drag the issue into the political gutter for reasons unknown to me at this time.
At this juncture, I could only hang on to the hope that the government as promised will intervene and resolve the governance issues that severely affect the airport so that we all could continue with Nation building without the distraction of constant conflict which seems to be plaguing our country.

Captain Gerry Gouveia,
CEO Roraima