I stand by my position

Dear Editor,
It has never been my intention to respond to people who deliberately mislead and distort my views about events. My views are always guided by reason and evidence. Sadly, other people’s views tend to deviate from this pattern and culminate in a lack of civility and decorum.
A person by the name of N Sahadeo has launched a written assault on me and my views as expressed in a letter dated June 1, 2023, and titled: “Tara Singh – try some humanity, stop the callousness.” It is perplexing that this individual has taken so much time to totally mischaracterize and distort my views. The central theme of my letter was to establish some basic facts about the Mahdia Secondary School dormitory. My views about the victims’ families are well known and described elsewhere. Suffice to say that apart from urging community and religious leaders to initiate vigils in the victims’ honor, I have organized a group to render other forms of support. “Ms. Sahadeo, my work among some Amerindian communities for decades, is well known.”
I never chastised Ms. Sahadeo, whom I do not know, nor anyone else for their comments on the Mahdia fire. Rather, I differ with their opinions. As stated before, it was my belief that if some basic facts/evidence about the Mahdia Secondary School dormitory are known, this could lead to better understanding/conversation of the situation. It was in no way intended to minimize the grief, excruciating pain, trauma of victims, and their families. To suggest otherwise is disingenuous.
My letter was not filled with acrimony, and I did not allow my emotions to conquer my judgement. Unfortunately, Ms. Sahadeo, supposedly a fountain of morality, has proven that she is not short of a litany and often misplaced expletives. For example, she states: “I have asked all the benchwarmers in Parliament to vacate their seats and let competent people do the job they obviously have not been doing or else those 20 young children would not be dead.” Isn’t this arrogant to the highest order? Did the benchwarmers in Parliament set the building on fire?
Ms. Sahadeo continues with her tirade: “Tara Singh wants us to believe that the proverbial buck does not stop at the person who is enjoying ALL the privileges of being Head of State.” I can discern Ms. Sahadeo’s subliminal remarks here. I hope the reader does too! The Mahdia dormitory falls under the authority of the Ministry of Local government and Regional Development. Once again for Ms. Sahadeo’s edification, the Minister of Education does not manage school dormitories, except those in Georgetown.
What a colossal distortion of reality by Ms. Hello Sahadeo! “Tara Singh is telling the First Peoples of our Nation that their lives and welfare is not the concern of the ruling party/Government and that basically….” Where did I write or say those words suggesting insensitivity? Why does Ms. Sahadeo methodically seek to substitute the simple meanings of my statements with her own minted words and meanings to suit her corrugated style of narrative? This is a classic case where she bastardizes the English language.
I want Ms. Sahadeo to know that I have done more for the Amerindian community in Guyana than most Guyanese. When I founded the Guyana Watch Inc in 1992, Amerindian communities have always been a priority of our medical and humanitarian mission. My work in the humanitarian area is well known and I do not need to elaborate on this. Furthermore, when the news broke out of the Mahdia fire and its destruction known, I immediately called upon community leaders to organize a vigil, including the exploring of other ways in which we can help the victims’ families.
I hope that Ms. Sahadeo is not lost in an ocean of confusion. What is her motivation for excessively misinterpreting and distorting my views? Finally, she asks; ‘what silver lining Tara?’ “Ms. Sahadeo every life in precious and the statement, ‘a silver lining,’ is a metaphor which is a reminder that whatever excruciating pain victims’ families endure, they must never lose hope.” What is wrong with this statement?
I stand by my position. I would not allow my emotions to run havoc with my power of discrimination. Reason is not my enemy.

Dr Tara Singh