ICON LNG Guyana Inc imports its 150th ISO container of liquefied natural gas

ICON LNG Guyana Inc (ICON LNG) on Tuesday announced the importation its 150th ISO container of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Containers of LNG

Since the end of 2019, ICON LNG has supplied LNG to Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) to be used for power generation.
DDL is the first Guyanese company to recognise the benefits of LNG as a fuel for electricity production and uses it to run dual fuel gas/diesel generators that support its distillery operations in Great Diamond, East Bank Demerara.
DDL recently expanded its use of LNG in process heating with the new manufacturing facility of its Tropical Orchard Products Company (TOPCO) subsidiary. The LNG will fuel a boiler used by TOPCO in the pasteurisation process of the company’s products, including fruit juices and milk.
The LNG arrives at DDL in standard 40’ multi-modal ISO containers that keep it chilled to minus 160 degrees Celsius. The LNG containers are connected to a regasification terminal where atmospheric temperatures warm the LNG, allowing it to naturally change back into natural gas. Finally, the natural gas is piped directly into DDL’s manufacturing facilities.
Given LNG’s low carbon and sulphur content, with the 150th tank delivered, DDL has avoided emitting air pollution equal to 2231 tons of CO2, and 22,290 kilograms of sulphur dioxide, and 2041 kilograms of particulate matter.
ICON LNG’s Country Manager, Delmar Walcott expressed that the company sees further opportunities in Guyana for using LNG as global demand for energy pushes oil prices to record price levels.
He said, “With the planned gas-to-shore pipeline intended to supply natural gas to a new 300-megawatt power plant, we have proposed to and are discussing with the Government, apportioning a small amount of the natural gas for Guyana’s first small-scale domestic liquefier. The liquefier would supply LNG to the transportation sector where it could be substituted in place of highly expensive imported gasoline.”
Walcott continued by adding, “According to the Guyana Energy Agency, over two-thirds of Guyana’s petroleum imports go to the transportation sector for fuel. As other countries in the Caribbean Region have successfully shown, natural gas can be used to run a typical internal combustion engine with only slight modifications.”
Walcott stated that switching to Guyana’s own natural gas can reduce prices at pumps.
“Switching to Guyana’s own natural gas would surely reduce prices at the pump. We are emphasising that by utilising Guyana’s natural gas for the transport sector, the Government can significantly reduce its petroleum import bill while also lowering costs for thousands of Guyanese drivers,” he said.
LNG is a reliable and environmentally friendly fuel that replaces coal, heavy fuel oil, and diesel as a low carbon, safe and reliable source of energy for global demand.
ICON LNG, Guyana’s first domestic LNG company, offers full turn-key solutions for companies seeking to use LNG for power generation or for their process heating requirements. The firm designs and installs custom dual-fuel engine systems, LNG regasification systems, and small-scale LNG liquefaction equipment. Customers also receive fully managed supply chains of LNG deliveries under medium- to long-term contracts.