If you can vote like a boss then work towards becoming a boss by getting employed today!

Dear Editor,
Youths no longer can complain about not having a job.
The PPP/C Government is making it easy for them to find and keep a job either temporarily or permanently.
They are going to every region and declaring that the Government is committed to creating jobs for young people.
I want to say seize the opportunity to become employed and get valuable experience once it comes your way.
Do not listen to the politicians because most of them are employed or have businesses to fend for their families while many young people are surviving off of the strength of their parents or otherwise.
You must be the change you want to see in this world! It starts with a simple application process with little or no academic qualifications and the possibilities are endless.
I think the Government is doing the right thing with this entrepreneurial and job drive for young people.
This can help Guyana to bolster the economy, therefore stimulating and expanding the economic growth rates.
Any responsible adult will tell you the same. When it comes to education and supporting programmes to bolster youths and their development, politics have to take a back seat for me because I know the struggle to find meaningful employment before in Guyana.
I know the struggle to have bills to pay and live in Guyana so I implore young people of working age to take this golden opportunity offered by the PPP Government.
If you can vote like a boss then you must work towards becoming your boss by getting employed today!

Yours truly,
Alvin Hamilton