“If you only holler, ah gon kill you” – bandit tells pensioner

…cuts off part of woman’s ear during robbery

A 74-year-old woman is now traumatised after she was on Sunday evening attacked and robbed by two knife-wielding bandits who invaded her home at Blairmont, West Coast Berbice (WCB).

Injured pensioner: Savitri Davi Umrao

Savitri Davi Umrao was robbed of four gold rings valued $125,000; a pair of gold earrings valued $25,000; and a pair of gold bangles valued $87,500.
She told this publication that she was watching television when two men – both armed with knives – entered her home.
“This thing happen a quarter to seven, after the news; you know Sunday you does get news more early. While I sit down on the bed and the person come and scramble me.”
She said she was backing the door and did not see when the intruder entered.
She related that after she was held by the throat, the man who was wearing a pair of short pants took the other hand and stuffed it into her mouth, trying to reach down to her throat.
“He say if you only holler ah gon kill you. While he holding me, he asked me where is the wallet with the money? I tell him that I don’t have no money. I get ole age pension and I go and buy some things and the money finish,” she related.
The ordeal, she said, continued and the pensioner held out that she had no money.
They also enquired of her 23-year-old grandson; a bee-keeper who lives in the same community.
At the same time, the other perpetrator also pushed one of the neighbours, a 52-year-old mentally-ill man; Rakish, who was drinking a cup of tea when the bandits entered. One of them took the hot beverage and poured it on the helpless man.
“He take his hand and push it back in my mouth and he start to squeeze and say ‘Ah gon kill you, go and bring the wallet’ and I keep telling him that I don’t have no wallet. Then he raise me up and he pull the earring off my ear and a piece of the ear cut out. He pull out the next side and ah had four finger rings ad he pull them away and one fasten.”
Umrao said it was very painful as the fourth ring was being pulled off of her finger.
“I had a big bangle on my hand ad he skin it open [open widely]. And then I fall down.”
She was bleeding from the ear, causing the other occupant of the home, a 70-year-old woman with a disability, to question the excessive aggression by the robber.
“When she say is what you doing with Auntie, he scramble by she neck and choke she. And when the lady see the blood on the floor, she feel that he killing me…”
Umrao said the intruder moved back to her as she was lying on the floor, sat on her chest and continued to choke her and push the other hand down her throat.
“Look all me mouth buss up; ah can’t eat,” she revealed.
Umrao said when they were finished robbing her of the jewellery, the bandits walked out of the house the same way they entered and left.
She was taken to the Fort Wellington Hospital where she was treated and sent away.
Police are investigating. (G4)