…to murder
Some say what’s playing out in Guyana is a Greek tragedy, but really, it’s not. Greek tragedies describe the pain and glory of the main character being rebellious, for a greater good. But while there’s a hell of a lot of pain for Guyanese by PNC’s shenanigans, there’s absolutely no glory – either to them or the country. And that’s because their actions have never been for the “greater good” which would give comfort – even if there’s suffering. They do say, no pain…no gain! But with the PNC it’s always about feeding their insatiable craving for power.
So, what prompted this chagrined rumination on tragedy by your normally ebullient Eyewitness? The charges against those four young men charged for the tragic murder of Haresh Singh, that’s what. And the tragedy is that this last murder wouldn’t have happened if the atmosphere in West Berbice hadn’t been poisoned by the political rhetoric that was spouted after the equally tragic, brutal murders of Isaiah and Joel Henry. These murders all occurred in a small close-knit community where everyone knew everyone regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, or class. They literally ate from each other’s plates!
But Granger and Harmon –- locked in their insane insistence that their party was robbed by the PPP – ran down to West Berbice where one of the ambitious newbies to political office had already started to stir the cauldron. The call for justice for the murdered Henry cousins was transformed to a call for justice against the PPP! In addition to claiming absolute authority to interpret the Constitution as far as elections were concerned, Granger divined that the murders were politically motivated!  Which in Guyana means that they were RACIALLY motivated. And advised that the residents of the Henrys’ village should form “self-protection” units.
The initial, clumsy political attempt to charge all in sight – -only to release them soon afterwards – placed the spotlight on Haresh’s family. The next week – we’re now finding out – he was at the wrong place in the back dam at the wrong time – after the brother of Isaiah and some friends had confronted the former’s relatives. This was a tragic denouement with no heroes – simply a nihilistic lashing-out by young men after their elders from outside the community – who should’ve known better – egged them on! Your Eyewitness notes that the father of Isaiah preached understanding of the bonds that had knitted the communities together and not to take steps to sunder those bonds.
So, what’s next? While there’s been no further violence following the W Berbice murders and the ensuing anti-Indian violence, the situation has deteriorated considerably.
The atmosphere’s been made even more incendiary with challengers vying to outbid Granger for leadership!

…to stifle democracy
In addition to attacking our fledgling democracy’s constitutional underpinning – and in the streets – the PNC has taken another tack. Filing defamation suits against critics at the drop of a hat. But it’s not just the critics: they invariably go after the media – or more to the point –  the newspapers that are assumed to have “deep pockets”. Another day, another defamation lawsuit.
Their lawyers are having a blast and laughing all the way to the bank as they haul in fees whether they win or lose – just like during the constitutional challenges. But what we have to note – and the PNC would have us forget – is that these defamation suits are actually being used to stifle the very essence of democracy. Which is that the people must be facilitated to participate in critiquing those who they’ve placed in office when, in their opinion, the latter are straying.
The letters-in-the press have become the equivalent of the Ancient Greece’ meeting place for citizens exercising “direct democracy”.
Save it!

…to steal
The PNC established a “Partnership for Sustainable Land Management” (PSLM). Its principals – including Trevor Benn of GL&SC fame – just imported a duty-free 2019 Mercedes G550 and a 2021 Cadillac Escalade!
Pilfering Never Ceases (PNC)!!