Inclusivity and diversity are key pillars in advancing the way forward in our local and national democracy

Dear Editor,
The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), as Guyana’s elected Government, is aggressively pursuing the rapid transformation of our country. Central to the Party’s successful strategic and carefully orchestrated roll-out planning is the genuine approach to inclusivity and diversity as crucial pillars in advancing the way forward in our local and national democracy.
Implementing the strategic campaign Manifesto commitments have been swift and purposeful at the national and international levels, driving many capital development projects and investment interests. The desired parallel transformation in the Local Authority Areas (LAAs), to advance our citizens’ welfare and capacity, has also been a high-priority focus, albeit it was dependent on the successful conduct of Local Government Elections (LGEs).
With the LGEs now completed, the preliminary results indicate strengthened confidence in the visible PPP/C programme across the length and breadth of our country, with the confirmation of tremendous support that ensured wins in 67 of the eighty LAAs.
Significantly, in areas where the Party was not as victorious, it has made significant inroads, which augurs well for a less obstructive approach to the required swift development agenda. Notably, these successes serve as substantial incentives for the PPP/C teams, leading the Councils to work even harder to win the confidence of a more significant majority.
The PPP/C engaged citizens using widespread consultations, and carefully selected teams of representative candidates would each occupy a seat on the Council in each of the eighty LAA. The Party’s leaders, supporters, and activists campaigned hard from house to house in every community; of course, backed by a track record of trust and delivery among other visible tangibles one cannot dispute. Notwithstanding, a careful look at the selection of the new councillors elected to serve on the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils evidences and manifests President Irfaan Ali’s motto of “One Guyana”.
Subject to a few limitations, the Party focused on applying the common factors to achieve the best balance of respected, experienced, youthful, gender-neutral, ethnic, and religious representation in teams of candidates in every LAA.
A perusal of the selection for the Eccles Ramsburg Council, where the PPP/C won eight of nine Constituency seats, and will occupy fourteen of the Council’s seats, lends affirmative testimony. The proposed councillors of the PPP/C slate include five females and, generally, a cross-section and balance of varying ethnic persuasions.
Among the group, several members boast widely accepted academic qualifications at the post-graduate level, and are otherwise meaningfully engaged in driving positive community initiatives. They bring enthusiasm and a class of passionate representation targeted and partnering with the Government to move things forward in the respective LAAs. Most fall into the youthful-to-mature categorisation, supplemented by a blend of successful business professionals with tested experience to guide the Council’s meaningful endeavours.
Individually and collectively, all were very active and visible during the campaign. More significantly, with Party activists’ support, the team advanced a serious commitment to attracting more women, girls, and youths through effective home-to-house connection with the masses. Further, among the councillors are young enthusiasts, sports personalities, supervisors, managers, and three genuine foot soldiers.
Indeed, the selection process was heavily contested, and the selection competition was keen. However, with mature leadership and guidance from the PPP leadership, who thoroughly explained the approach, all the candidates fully endorsed the process.
Eight of the councillors were former councillors. With this blend of new and fresh blood among the first-timers, constituency residents could anticipate the combination of mature and experienced men and women would give rise to a dynamic and vibrant Neighbourhood Democratic Council working to advance their interests.
The PPP/C has embarked on a clear way forward to deepen recognition and inclusivity at all levels of the Government. The way ahead will be heavily influenced by the resounding and massive victory of the PPP/C at the just concluded LGE polls. As Guyanese are raring to go at the upcoming National and Regional Elections, the PPP/C’s well-oiled machinery must render the best service and support through the NDC, Municipal, and Village Councils, working harmoniously to continue closely connecting to the masses.
Significantly, the PPP/C leadership demands accountability and transparency at the LAAs. With the tremendous development at the national level and the hastened transformation within the communities, we will see growth across the country. To this end, the Council’s work must be of the highest quality, and must be responsive, initiative- driven, and devoid of discrimination. All the quality persons who came to the PPP/C will continue working together for tremendous success in our country.
We must reject the naysayers and continue nation-building under the inclusive ‘One Guyana’ platform and democratic framework.
Neil Kumar