Indigenous leadership must craft plans to benefit from carbon credit sale

Dear Editor,
The Liberty and Justice Party commends the Government of Guyana on their recent sale of carbon credits. It is the actualisation of visionary leadership and thinking by the Government of Guyana in recognising the importance of sound environmental stewardship and its importance to sustainable and responsible economic development.
Having had an opportunity to contribute to the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), the LJP sees the LCDS as one of the most progressive steps forward to supporting Indigenous peoples in terms of land tenure security, economic development, and governance. Within the context of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), the recent sale of carbon credits and the earmarking of over GY$23 billion in support for Indigenous communities demonstrates that the Government is resolute in fulfilling their commitment to the Indigenous peoples of Guyana.
The initial sale of US$750 million of carbon credits is expected to be followed by a second tranche of another significant quantum. These financing will support Guyana’s upward trajectory while maintaining our world leading responsible forest management. Very rare it is to see in the global environment an oil producing nation enjoying a carbon negative economy.
We now call on the Indigenous leadership to carefully craft plans to support the Government in assimilating this support to the people’s benefit and developing transformative frameworks that will foster their communities’ development.

Lenox Shuman, MP
Deputy Speaker