Injection of fresh, constructive minds needed for advancement of city

Dear Editor,
It is my considered opinion that, in time to come, Guyana shall become a very-sought-after eco-tourism destination; however, it will take the earnest participation of all, including and particularly the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown, the persons responsible for managing the affairs of our capital city.
Last Sunday, as I was taking a group visiting from overseas on a little trip up the Demerara River — a most pleasant and scenic ride, I might add, beginning from the mouth of the river in the vicinity of the Marriott Hotel — we could see the Lighthouse and the Stabroek Market Tower standing majestically on the shoreline. As we got closer to the market, however, we realised that the clocks on the Stabroek Tower were not working, but even more disappointing was the rickety and ramshackle state of the area aback of the Stabroek Market, as we stopped there so that the visitors could purchase some fresh tropical fruits.
The area looks as if it had been hit by a hurricane, or as if there was a massive explosion there. The roof was in tatters and hanging loose, parts of the structure were falling into the river, mounds of garbage were heaped up there, the building that once housed the Clerk of Markets and his staff, which is not very old, was abandoned and decaying, and the wharf area was in a very derelict state. It is a complete eyesore, and is neither very helpful nor encouraging to our country’s efforts at tourism. Can you imagine that this is what persons coming in on cruise ships see?
I would like to know what City Hall does with the stall rents collected from Stabroek Market? Since 2017, the vendors on the Stabroek Market Wharf were relocated to the area west of the Parliament Building, next door to what was popularly known as the “Dread Shop”, and a very fancy drawing was done detailing the conversion of the wharf area into a mall, complete with a boardwalk and entertainment area; which all seems, five years later, to have been just a pipe dream by persons living in La-La Land.
With the rapid development of Guyana over the last few years, and with riverside properties going for a premium, the city’s mothers and fathers should realise that they have a ‘goldmine’ there, and they should stop sitting on their hands moaning about not getting enough help from Central Government, and take on board private investors to develop that area.
I just cannot wait for the holding of Local Government Elections for the injection of fresh, constructive minds for the advancement of our city, towns and neighbourhoods.

Magagula Jackson