Inspector of Police, Jillian Voila Moore for Miss Renaissance

The Miss Renaissance Pageant will be held in August with 12 professional women competing for the coveted title. The delegates were introduced to the media late last month at a sashing ceremony at the National Cultural Centre.
The pageant serves as a catalyst to re-educate the public about their inner beauty, creativity, cultural awareness and an accomplishment of the matured Guyanese women 30 years and older. For the next few weeks, Guyana Times Entertainment will feature each delegate.

Jillian Moore

This week, we are pleased to introduce to you 46-year-old old Jillian Viola Moore, a mother of one and an Inspector of Police. This professional woman was trained at the Felix Austin Police College in areas such as domestic violence and human rights among others.
She also received certified training in professional standards by the Department of Justice in the United States of America, the use of force by the Red Cross International and also ethics and corrupt practices at the International Law Enforcement Academy in El Salvador.
Moore completed her secondary education after which she completed studies at the University of Guyana/Institute of Distance and Continuing Education holding a certificate in Industrial Relations and Management and is currently reading for a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations.
She was once an executive member of the South Georgetown Junior Chambers’ International (Jaycees) 1995 -1998, where she was trained in leadership skills, etiquette and conflict resolution.
Her training has definitely proven to be helpful in every phase of her life. With a love for singing, Moore had the opportunity of perform in live bands in and out of Guyana.
This splendid servicewoman is fun-loving, jovial, loves meeting people and forming lasting friendships. She believes that laughter is indeed the best medicine.