International Day of Monuments and Sites observances

– National Trust launches Linden Heritage Trail publication
In keeping with the observance of International Day of Monuments and Sites, the National Trust of Guyana

The unveiling of the Linden Heritage Trail publication
The unveiling of the Linden Heritage Trail publication

(NTG) in collaboration with the Education Ministry’s Department of Culture, Youth and Sport on Monday launched the Linden Heritage Trail publication – featuring 48 pages of monuments and sites across the Linden community.
A ceremony was held at the Egbert Benjamin Conference Hall at Mackenzie, Linden to mark the occasion.
NTG Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nirvana Persaud, board chairman Lennox Hernandez, Regional Chairman Renis Morian, Mayor of Linden Carwyn Holland and Regional Vice Chairman Alroy Adolph were among the dignitaries present to witness the historic event, observed under Guyana’s 50th Jubilee theme, “Reflection, Celebration and Inspiration”.
During her remarks, Persaud said the National Trust was pleased to be a part of the publication, which features over 42 monument sites within the community. It also contains a corresponding map that contains the locations of heritage sites and the trail, which begins at Amelia’s Ward along the Linden-Soesdyke Highway.
In relating an overview, Persaud said the aim is to encourage locals in the communities and individuals to consider the importance of cultural heritage to their lives.
“Our vision is that our heritage must be valued or preserved, our history recorded and our people inspired and empowered and I’m confident that this new publication fulfils this… With this special book-launch of the literary heritage of Linden… showcases the history of the Municipality… of cultural, historic, socio-cultural and national importance within the Municipality, including some sites which are no longer a part of the landscape of the locality, that have all contributed to the legacy of the township”, she related.
In his presentation Adolph thanked the National Trust for assisting in the preservation of the heritage sites, while emphasising the importance. He further encouraged those gathered, who also included school children, to not only read the publication, but visit the sites as well.
Meanwhile, Gordon who is a contributor to the publication, expressed disappointment at the small gathering which he referred to as a “sparse sprinkling of people”, as he noted that a lot of effort was put in by the National Trust in making the publication a reality.
He nevertheless provided lots of information on the history of Linden as a bauxite mining community, noting that the community’s heritage is extremely rich.
“Linden has and continues to have a very rich cultural and historical past which equates to any living space in this country of Guyana. We have to understand that this cultural heritage… is rich precisely because of the interwoven nature of the peoples of diverse backgrounds”, he noted.
Holland said there is need to promote Linden’s heritage and to connect the disconnected as the community showcases its wealth and heritage. In an effort to ensure this, he said he recently made a call for all public institutions in Linden to promote a part of the community’s heritage.
“…Our heritage is our link to the future. It is our foundation and you cannot build without a foundation. The future that we aspire to attain, it must be predicated on the solid foundation derived from our exemplary heritage of our people… our heritage is diverse and extensive and its influences are rich and deep…,” the Mayor related.
Similar sentiments were echoed by Morian, who indicated that young people should also be involved in the preservation of monuments and heritage sites.
Following the launch, Holland and Persaud unveiled the photographic scenery of sites contained in the Linden Heritage Trail, following which attendees were treated to a tour of the sites.