…in AFC
If you thought the long knives in the AFC have been sheathed after the humiliating rejection of Nagamootoo as their Prime Minister nominee to the PNC, you just wasted a thought, dear reader.
The games have only just begun!!! And you didn’t need the Chronic’s banner headline about Ramjattan being “elected as number 2” in the party to tell you that!!! That pic of Nagamootoo’s walkout just before the actual vote was worth the proverbial “thousand words”!! That was rage, not just pique!!
Ramjattan was overwhelmingly elected as “Leader” and “PM nominee”, and he’s SECOND?? Second to who? Chairman Trotman?? And here we thought the AFC was “Liberal” and not “Maoist” – as in Chairman Mao being number one in the CCP!!
That headline was only the opening salvo in Nagamootoo’s war of attrition to retain his position as Granger’s footstool. Did you see that one-man “Guyana Institute for Democracy” lash out at the AFC for daring to reject Nagamootoo? Nagamootoo had flown up to NY to bless the fella’s NY “Independence celebration” and Youth Conference, and obviously impressed with his abject sycophancy to the PNC’s cause.
While Ramjattan isn’t known for his vertebral rigour, and has tried valiantly to suck up to Granger and the PNC — remember him boasting he’d advised Granger to stick it to Jagdeo and appoint Paterson as GECOM Chair? — he just isn’t possessed of Nagamootoo’s innate oleaginous and unctuous disposition!! The fella from Whim just prostates to anything even hinting of PNC, and has endeared himself to the rank and file PNC elements, as that Bajan poll showed!! As far back as the 2015 campaign, he gratuitously insisted he wasn’t an “Indian” – even though Granger and Co have always insisted there’s no problem with being an Indian or African Guyanese, since we live in a multicultural country.
Anyhow, expect a groundswell from PNCites launching attacks on Ramjattan: such as being another “Charrandas” (read “traitor”), while extolling Nagamootoo’s “virtues” even as they won’t be able to provide a SINGLE accomplishment of that artful dodger!!
But, in the opinion of your Eyewitness, Ramjattan has a glorious opportunity to make his own destiny: by taking a stand against Police corruption. While some – including this writer – have asked what he has being doing all this time, he can honestly point out that Granger had pretty much expropriated the Security portfolio, and he was kept out of the loop!!
The call for action on Police corruption has now come from within the Force itself, and Ramjattan just has to follow Gandhi and say, “There goes my people, and I have to follow them.
“Since I’m supposed to be their leader”!!

…and electoral shenanigans
Well, today’s the day: the day Granger and the PNC will find out that they can run, but they can’t hide, from the long arc of justice. Whatever the shortcomings of our Constitution – and there are many, seeing it’s just a MODIFICATION of the Burnhamite abomination from 1980 – the Article that the PNC is running from, Art 161(6) on “no confidence motions”, had been handed down in our Independence Constitution and in an integral part of Westminster government regimes.
It has nothing to do with MPs being “traitors” and “Judases”, as the PNCites have been screaming; rather, it has everything to do with the fundamental principle that representatives of the people can – indeed, MUST – be able to vote their consciences!! On the claim that the “majority” of 65 seats is not 33 – made by a Government that has been governing on that basis for 4 years – your Eyewitness will not even deign to consider that not being rejected!
The only question is when will elections be ordered?