Investors eyeing abandoned Linden State property for business

… Govt to make a decision – Region 10 Chairman

Several investors have expressed interest in utilising an abandoned state property in Linden to open another business.

Region 10 Chairman Renis Morian
Region 10 Chairman Renis Morian

The abandoned entity situated at Kara Kara, Mackenzie, once housed a call centre, formerly the Toucan Connection Incorporated.
Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) Chairman Renis Morian speaking with Guyana Times indicated that Government has to make a decision on the welfare of the new interests. He noted that while some investors are seeking to conduct call centre-like services, several other business ideas have been touted.
“Everybody wants a piece of the call centre, but the Government got to make a decision as it relates to that. I would hope that it turns a call centre”, Morian said, while opining that the former Toucan Connection building is ideally suited for a call centre.
Regional Councillor Sandra Adams had also recently stated that she was in talks with a possible investor, however, the process was moving along slowly.
Several call centre investors have used the location, however their services have been short-lived. The Toucan Connection was the most recent, which operated for several years before abruptly closing last year, leaving approximately 86 employees on the breadline.
The call centre has over the years been one major source of employment in the community. A larger percentage of women and single parents benefited from employment.
The Government was forced to intervene last year, as workers from the Toucan Connection were sent home without prior notice and without receiving their severance packages. The issue has so far been resolved with over 60 employees having received their severance packages, however, the centre, which is considered the property of the State has since remained closed.
Residents are voicing concerns as to if and when the centre will be re-opened, so as to provide much needed employment to Lindeners.