Investors show interest

Progress update on the Haledino Sports Initiative…

The Haledino Sports Initiative, founded by Klalifa Hale, is about large-scale job creation to benefit investors through franchise sports. Investors have shown keen interest in this initiative, and once signed on and owning their own franchise in the various disciplines, these investors, who would be coming from Georgetown, Essequibo and the East Coast of Demerara, would create over 330 jobs stretching across Guyana.
The disciplines in which investors have shown interest are: cricket, football, basketball and volleyball.
There are four categories each for cricket and football respectively. The categories for cricket are T20; softball; 50 overs; and Test match. The categories for football are Field/standard football; street ball; futsal; and beach football.
It is important that athletes and potential athletes follow these updates closely, as a number of jobs would be created. It should be noted that once the initiative is in full throttle, athletes would need to be registered under the various associations and federations before being contracted under any franchise; and there would be applicable rules, since a high level of discipline is required for any sport to be successful.
Investors are reminded that this initiative offers Government incentives such as tax weavers, concessions, lease of land for the sport, among others, in order to reduce the operating expenses. While this initiative strategically focuses on population density and demographics to ensure profitability, franchise owners are able to earn from the sale of T-shirts, sponsorships, a specially designed ticket system, and, most importantly, the undeniable value that comes from talented athletes who will be competing regularly to maintain a high level of performance.
What is also important to note is that associations and federations would each play a major role as the legitimate entity responsible for administering rules and regulations and coordinating activities.
The West Indies Sports Complex; Dyna’s Embroidery; I Aniroud Stationery and Office Supplies; Phillip Boxes; S&N Laundry Room, as well as a host of citizens have endorsed or supported this initiative. While it is clear that sports activities are not about to commence anytime soon, this initiative can be the beginning of the return of such activities, and it so designed to incorporate all aspects: from coaching to academies, and the facilities to be constructed as outlined in the 2020 budget, which clearly shows the intention of the Government of Guyana to continue developing the lives of its citizens.
For more information on the Haledino Sports Initiative, persons are invited to contact Khalifa Hale on 665-4828 or 610-7886; or email [email protected]