Is a CoI into Mahdia fire needed

Dear Editor,
What is the need to spend millions of dollars to enrich the already rich on a Commission of Enquiry on the Mahdia fire, when it is already known how it started and the shortfall within the dorm that caused the tragedy?
We already know that there were grilled windows, a must in the Guyanese society because of marauding bandits, no fire extinguisher, locked exit doors, inflammable materials, and a previous report with recommendations that remained dormant. We also have expert advice from members of society including Stabroek News on what needs to be done. So, why waste money and time to establish a CoI?
If the intention is to allocate blame on those responsible then all we have to do is a structural analysis to determine who was responsible for overall supervision which will absolve the Minister of Education from responsibility, although Stabroek News seems obsessed with having her head on a platter.
For example, can we hold the chairman of an organization responsible for a supervisor’s failure to observe procedures that result in severe loss to the organization? Or, should we hold the President responsible for the alleged acts of impropriety committed by his Minister?
On the other side of the coin, who would we blame if there were no grilled windows which led to bandits invading the dorm and raping several students?
Maybe Stabroek News can provide an answer.

D. Singh

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