Is the Mayor a toothless poodle?

Dear Editor,
I am forced to pen a follow up letter, since what was first reported a few weeks ago, escalated and is definitely getting out of control.
I refer to an article two Fridays ago, ‘Mayor instructs city engineer to remove structure outside St Pius church’.
As of Monday morning, you will be amazed to see what transpired thus far, the individual has taken up more acreage.
The above being said, it brings a few issues into question:
1) Is the Mayor a toothless poodle?
2) Is Colvern Venture – city engineer, grossly insubordinate or downright disrespectful?
3) Is this man or people involved, sacred cows?
Our city has now become a celebrated shanty town or favella and no one seems to care.
I again appeal to Bishop Juan Edghill and Minister Nigel Dharamlall to intervene.
Christmas is one of the most sacred holidays on the Christian calendar, are we to pray for God’s blessing amid squalor and urine stench, mixed with booze and the lawless DJs spitting obscenities unabated?

Ronald Shepherd