It is time we restore the Georgetown Cricket Club

Dear Editor,
Permit me a space in the letters column to voice my concern about the state of the Georgetown Cricket Club and the management, or should I say the lack thereof.
Since His Excellency Dr. Irfaan Ali and other Caribbean leaders have voiced their concern about the state of West Indies cricket, I felt it the opportune time to raise the following issues in the hope that same sort of change is achieved.
Let me start by commending the Government of Guyana for efforts in furthering sports in Guyana, particularly cricket, by giving subsidies to clubs across the country to enhance grounds, etc. As a result of this initiative, the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) got $2M from the Government of Guyana. However, if one were to visit the ground, it is visible that the club is in a terrible state. In fact, the doors and seating, the buildings, are falling apart.
This begs the question: What use was made of the subsidy?
Editor, it’s a well-known fact that clubs garner funds from various sources, a primary source being dues paid yearly by club members. However, GCC has not had a “ballot” in over 18 months.
For those readers who are unfamiliar with the term “ballot”, this is the process of vetting, deliberating on the entry of new members. In my respectful view, allowing new members into the club increases revenue for the club to enable its upkeep and maintenance. Therefore, 18 months of no “ballot” is significance lost to the club, since there are tons of persons who are awaiting admission to the club.
Further, the Executive Members and/or Committee Members are rarely seen or rarely ever present at the club. In my view, this is a significant contributory factor to the myriad of problems facing the club currently. The President of the club is rarely ever there, and rarely looks after the club’s interests. This is just one example of the terrible leadership that has befallen this once prestigious organisation.
As a result of the President and Executive Members’ lack of interest in the club, the manager runs the organisation as his private business. Many members are upset at the current state of affairs. The basic services the club offers are terrible, and persons are more often than not disgusted with it.
Notably, the President and Executive Members of the club are all successful businessmen and women. Clearly, if they were committed to the interests of the club like they are to their various businesses, the club would be successful, and not in the derelict state that it is in currently.
Editor, I must mention that due to the pandemic, I do not expect that the club would be reckless and hold massive events to raise funds, etc. However, I recently visited the Everest Cricket and a few other clubs, in Georgetown and some on the East Coast, and these clubs are all flourishing. These clubs have: increased their membership; increased their complement of sports offered to members, thus attracting persons from all backgrounds; erected lights; been doing repairs and improvement to their various club buildings and other facilities.
Therefore, I do not buy the excuse of “…oh, it’s COVID time, that’s why we are in this position…”
It is my hope that by penning this missive, more persons would come on board and speak up for a change in the state of affairs at GCC. It is time we have new leadership; leaders who genuinely care and want to effect change and carry on the legacy of the organisation.
It is time we restore this club to its once prestigious position, and to do this, we must first get rid of the bad leaders currently just filling positions in the decision-making seats.

Yours faithfully,
Rawle Nichols