It’s not about President Ali’s dazzling dancing, but his dynamic dance

Dear Editor,
His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, as an Executive attendee at the PPP/C’s 32nd Congress, held last week-end at the ACCC, presented an entertaining item during the recreational time of the conference. It was a time not to showcase or highlight his more reserved talents, which are not opaque but transparent from his track record, but to participate in a performance which all can enjoy and empathise with.
He has been vilified for this act by fanatics, who are aligned with narcists, fascists and extremists, who probably fail to appreciate the lighter shade of work. Dr. Irfaan Ali is not only the President of Guyana, Leader of the PPP/C Party, and also the Finance Secretary, but he also holds many distinguished national, regional, and international positions. Apart from his honorable status, he is an ardent sportsperson, a politician, a philosopher, a philanthropist, an academic, a family man, etc. But above all that, he is a simple, down-to-earth Guyanese who happens to be a humble person by design, and not by accident.
After all, his personality is moulded by the strength of a country upbringing from Leguan and Leonora, his influence from a disciplined family, and his motivation from cultural diversity. His mission is guided by the will of the people he aims to make a “One Guyana”, and his objective is to provide all Guyanese with peace, progress and prosperity.
He is perpetually cognizant of his role in all the variable capacities at all times, and at no one time would he jeopardize, compromise, or even aggrandise his portfolio to satisfy any agenda. His defining moment is shaped by his invaluable time spent with the ordinary man in the street on his numerous outreach programmes throughout the length and breadth of Guyana; where he can be in touch with the masses, listen to their problems, and resolve their issues without any expectation or discrimination.
Intermission may be viewed as an interval that provides a break between periods of a programme or event to pave the way for a phase of inactivity from the original agenda. This pause may present an interlude of entertainment and refreshment which may include music, song, skit, dance, food, drinks, jokes, or a play. The occasion may be a sports game, a concert, a conference, a movie, or a meeting. The interruption is a direct intent to take a break. During that time, information may be disseminated, and it may be used as a moment for fund-raising too. At the famous Superbowl XXVII in Pasadena, California, the halftime show was performed by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, on the 31st of January 1993, at the age of 34, and with a viewership of 133.4 million. The commercial time during the 1993 Super Bowl was priced at US$900,000 per 30 seconds.
Well-known for his innovative ideas, President Ali intentionally institutionalises his initiatives to incentivise incentives and inroads indicative of being inventive! His dynamic dance exemplifies the finer quality of dazzling dancing to leave the appreciative audience spellbound and gasping for more with their thunderous applause and cat whistles. But there is more to the dance than the dancing. All cultures have different forms of dancing, which can be interpreted through invocation and gesticulation, mirroring significant pertinence.
As an informative performer, his artistic invigoration is indelible in representing the strength and intelligence of a youthful nation. His incredible movements incorporate the interruption of the laziness from the past sleeping administration and their inadequacies and productively invest in infrastructural autonomy, inclusive of industry and commerce by the private sector as the engine of growth.

As an individual star, stealing the show with his sweet, rhythmic tapping beats his opponent at imitation and demonstrates the perfect timing in introducing projects to accommodate the development of the nation. Floating on inanimate clouds reflects the determination to take calculated risks and remain positive.
Impersonating himself only, Dr. Ali’s endurance to outlast and outclass the required musical item demonstrates the resilience of a nation to overcome any hurdles or impediments imposed by insurgents, internally and externally. His bravery to face the mixed crowd and to portray that role removes any doubt that he is the man for all seasons, and is ready to do what it takes to work in the interest of all Guyanese.
His gesticulations coordinate with the artistry of synchronization and his co-performers’ participation, reflecting his intelligence for teamwork and the involvement of all for the successful completion of any undertaking. The trouper’s appeasing smile was not fixed, but flourished from the response of his admirers, changing with the intensity of the scene and blossoming again with renewed accolades.
Dr. Irfaan Ali’s different modes paint a picture of the accommodation of changes, being responsive according to the needs, and exercising due care and attention as demanded. His unbroken concentration instills discipline as a fearless leader who does not shun responsibility, but exercises caution in executing his duties.
As he dons his jacket and discards his hat, again, this indication affirms his selflessness and wanting to share because he cares. Greed, ego, or selfishness are not characteristics of a humble and simple Dr. Ali. Rather, the friendly, approachable and generous instrumental elements are factored in President Irfaan Ali’s modest composition. It is not surprising, nor any wonder, that the man, who is a true son of Guyana’s soil, gained the most votes at the PPP/C Congress, and was willing, able and competent to qualify as a crowd pleaser, both as a performer and a politician for the people and by the people.

Yours respectfully,
Jai Lall