Jason Holder responds to comments made by Sir Andy Roberts

“Why degrade orconstantly criticise West Indies cricket?”

By Brandon Corlette

Any individual who has been following West Indies cricket would be familiar with the constant criticisms being levelled against WI cricket by the legendary Sir Andy Roberts.
Sir Andy has recently described West Indies Test captain Jason Holder as a good cricketer, but a “lost” captain.

WI Test Captain Jason Holder

During the most recent Mason and Guest Radio programme, Holder responded to those criticisms, and described those legendary players who are more than often critical of West Indies cricket as “hard to approach”. Holder also admitted that the West Indies have not performed well compared to the glory days when the legendary players dominated.
“My disappointment with people like (Sir) Andy Roberts, I respect them (for) what they contributed to the game, but as former players who (had) done so well, I am sure they have positive contributions to make to West Indies cricket, but why go on these platforms and constantly criticise and degrade the product of West Indies cricket?” he asked.
“I feel the former legends’ comments on West Indies cricket, 99% of the time (are) negative; and when (there) is an opportunity for them to give encouragement or congratulate players, (it) is like they are trying to pick their teeth to find the words. It’s like a hard thing to do. As a society in the Caribbean, we find it so easy to criticise, and we always know the problem, but when asked the solution, it’s mind-boggling; (these) people always struggle to find the solutions,” Holder declared.
Further, Holder said: “Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and the legends – whom I respect for their contribution – I think they can do a lot more (in) opening up that relationship with players. Lots of players frown upon speaking to the legends because they are not approachable.”

WI legend Sir Andy Roberts

Describing the New Zealand series as disappointing, Holder has said he is open to sitting down with Sir Andy and having a conversation.
“We know we are not the greatest side, but it would warm my heart to have a conversation with Andy Roberts; but it’s often him being critical of the current crop. Pick up the phone and offer that support! I think they (legends) need to do a lot better to build the relationship with current players, and I think they have a lot to offer to West Indies cricket,” Holder has declared.
And Kenny Benjamin, a former West Indies player, has somewhat endorsed Holder’s comments by saying that Sir Andy Roberts is too critical. Benjamin believes the legends are not the answers to the problem.
“We need the younger minds who understand the root cause of why we cannot produce Test players. But the legends can be used as mentors around the Caribbean. We need to overhaul the whole system, we need to look at structure,” is Benjamin’s position.
While many cricket pundits and administrators are calling for the legends to play a more integral role in West Indies cricket, the current players are hoping that their relationship with the legends could be improved.