Jet Blue blues

Dear Editor,
On July 29th, 2021, my wife and I flew for the first time on Jet Blue to New York. The flight departed Guyana over an hour late, and consequently arrived in New York too late for us to make our connecting flight to Boston.
On clearing our baggage in New York, Jet Blue failed to deliver one of our suitcases. We subsequently learnt that approximately 40 other suitcases had been left in Guyana.
It took us over four hours of standing in a queue to duly report the missing suitcase to the Jet Blue office, where we were assured that the suitcase would be on the next flight to New York, and forwarded to our destination in Boston. It never happened. In fact, the next Jet Blue flight was cancelled.
The suitcase was never delivered. We had completed a form providing the required details, which directed us on the means for receiving compensation for the failed delivery of the suitcase, and which we duly observed.
We finally, having appealed to the local representatives of Jet Blue in Guyana, retrieved our suitcase in Guyana, much later. We, of course, had no alternative but to buy clothes to the amount authorised in the form, and submitted a claim as directed.
We addressed the claim to an address given in the Jet Blue form in Salt Lake City, Utah, only to have it returned by the post office, quote, ‘address not found’.
We have sent several emails and we have spoken with the Jet Blue representative in Guyana, who, to date, has failed to respond.

Yours sincerely,
Kit & Gem Nascimento