Jury convicts “Chuckie” for 2016 murder of aunt

A Demerara High Court jury on Monday convicted a Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown man of the 2016 murder of his aunt, who was strangled to death. Kevin Mohan, 27, was on trial for the capital offence before Justice Sandil Kissoon and had pleaded not guilty to the charge upon his indictment.

Convicted Killer: Kevin Mohan

After the jury delivered its verdict, Mohan, who was facing his second trial for the offence as his initial trial ended in a hung jury, exclaimed, “I get jail innocent! The only person that can judge me is the almighty Allah.” The convicted killer was further remanded to prison until August 26, when he will be sentenced.
Based on reports, the battered body of 48-year-old Anita Mohan was discovered in a pool of blood in the kitchen of her Lot 315 South East Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown home on September 4, 2016. Police had said that Kevin Mohan confessed to killing his aunt during the course or furtherance of a robbery.
A post-mortem examination revealed that the woman sustained a chop wound to her head and one in the vicinity of her temple, along with a stab wound to her chin and one in her mouth.

Dead: Anita Mohan

A portion of her tongue was severed, and she was strangled.
Throughout his trial which lasted for about two weeks, Kevin Mohan was represented by Attorney-at-Law Damien Da Silva, while State Counsel Lisa Cave and Muntaz Ali appeared for the prosecution. To prove their case, the prosecutors called 11 witnesses, inclusive of Police ranks, civilians, and a medical doctor. (G1)