…PNC rigging
The justifications started during the 5 months between March 3rd and Aug 2nd (fittingly, the day after Emancipation Day), as the PNC held the country hostage while barefacedly trying to rig the elections in full view of the world. The elections had to be rigged, they insisted, in favour of the PNC, via Mingo’s manipulations with his SOPs, because the PPP had gamed the electoral system and, more specifically, the voters list. It started on March 3 because, the day before, the PNC and their sycophants insisted they’d won the elections. Mingo was simply fixing a wrong being done to PNC supporters – read African-Guyanese.
The PNC took another tack during the recount, as they threw up all sorts of red herrings in the form of levitating dead and emigrant apparations voting for the PPP. As to how Mingo divined his “CORRECT COUNT” – which showed the PNC winning, according to Lowenfield – without benefit of the PNC’s “evidence”, which came afterwards, has never been explained! As the noose tightened on the rig heist, the justifications became more strident. If the PNC weren’t allowed victory, all hell would break loose!! The PPP and the international community, who were standing up for democratic values, were being blackmailed with threats to be hostages!
Well, the PPP were declared winners, and we did have violence; but, thankfully, we passed through that, and the new Government hit the ground running. The PNC have obviously been overrun by the PPP’s blitzkrieg, and are in a state of panic. Granger – the Sanctimonious Gangster – hasn’t been sighted in months, and his hand-picked Opposition Leader Harmon appears clueless. Imagine him backing the ERC, while NOW proclaiming that Guyana has a “race problem” – which the ERC WAS SUPPOSED TO ADDRESS! But the race problem was caused by the PNC’s truculence against any group that doesn’t support them slavishly. Harmon’s scared sh*tless the PPP might just eat away his base while he wrings his hands!
And this brings us to the latest justification for the rigging. One Nigel Hinds, who’d helped form one of the new parties, but abandoned it because he didn’t want to give up his US citizenship, now insists that the PPP’s actions since Aug 2 justify not only the rig attempt, but all PNC rigging since 1964!!
“(The PPP’s) continuing assault on the economic well-being of PNC supporters actually justifies the rigging of elections by Burnham and Hoyte between 1964 and 1992. It also justifies attempts by the Granger administration to disenfranchise the votes of PPP supporters in the 2020 elections. The efforts by Lowenfield and Mingo to undermine the majority vote is now defensible.”
Without any proof of that “assault”. Imagine that!!

…GECOM’s $4B budget
In the new Budget, GECOM has been allocated $4B, with $1.1 billion to be used for the upcoming LGE. Your Eyewitness wonders what exactly does GECOM do with all that money that’s left! He knows about the thousand-dollar pliers and million-dollar cameras…but $3 billion? Then the other foot dropped and he heard that CEO Lowenfield took home a cool $20 million last year!! Now, we’re talking real money!! With all that staff, a $20 million here and a $20 million there, pretty soon you’re talking about billions!!
Now here’s an organisation that should be ready for elections at any time. Meaning, they should be keeping the National Register of Registrants – from which the voters list would be extracted – up to date. Yet, before every election, be it National or LOCAL, the PNC demand a new Voters Registration exercise!! How come they don’t insist that GECOM DOES ITS JOB?
Or, if they feel the voters list is “bloated” with emigrants, why don’t they support changing the law to take away their voting rights?

…more money for MARAD
With all the humongous allocations in the Budget amounting to $383 BILLION, imagine all Patterson argued was that he wanted more money to be set aside for MARAD.
Is he still backscratching for his bling?